21 Signs That You Go To FSU

So let’s face it, as a Florida State Seminole we’ve all heard the stereotypes, jokes, and “signs” that are attached to those of us attending FSU. We’ve heard the worst from our drunken uncle at Thanksgiving, and dealt with the judgment from our hometown friend that believes we’ve become an alcoholic due to our snaps at happy hour. ESPN bashed us, along with our parents when they saw pictures of us tailgating.

No matter the stigma or even STDs that may come to mind when people think of FSU, only a true Seminole knows what it means to chop and why no matter where we are, we will always be proud to scream our war chant. So as a proud FSU student I compiled a list of “signs” that may accurately depict that we are one of the many loud and proud that attend Florida F***ing State.

1. Club Pub and Club Stroz will forever be busier than any club on a Friday night.

2. Sneaking alcohol into your dorm by using your backpack or purse felt similar to trying to smuggle illegal contraband at an airport.

3. You realized that “lettering” had a whole different meaning since elementary school.

4. “Did you hear what Jameis Wi…” -NO

Just dont… no explanation necessary.


5. You’ve had to go through the grueling process of paying for a permission form from a therapist in order to keep a pet in your apartment.

You have to do what you have to do for your pet!


6. Not only do we have tons of fraternity/sorority brothers and sisters, we also have a bunch of Eskimo brothers and sisters as well.

It’s bound to happen.

7. You’re embarrassed to say you went to Coli…

But if you went you were probably hammered or on something else… how else could you survive it?

8. The rapid fall fashion change.

Girl’s fashion turns from crop tops, floral prints, and high-waist shorts in the summer… to fur vests, leather, and knee-high boots as soon as it hits October.

9. We anticipate game days all year…

Although most of us never make it to the actual football game from the tailgate.


10. Being able to successfully walk down the Recess stairs after a Tuesday or Friday night was probably your biggest accomplishment of the week.

11. RA’s were either your best friend, or the spawn of Satan.

Get to know them, you never know!

12. No one cares what your body count is, and probably can’t remember what his or hers is either.

14. Getting an arrow tattoo was probably a consideration.

Lets be honest, every Seminole has thought about it at least once.

15. You’ve walked past the “save the clitoris” man on the way to class.

You never know what you’ll see around campus!


16. The Union was popping on Wednesdays and the performances made you wish you kept up with dance classes as a child.

Is it too late to start?

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17. You’ll never forget your first football game, or… maybe you had unwillingly.

Try not to overdo it your first time, there will be plenty of games!


18. You either absolutely love, or hate flash tatts.


19. You’ve secretly wanted to take a handful of condoms out of the Wellness Center condom boxes hanging on the walls…

But were too embarrassed to actually do so. Don’t be afraid, be safe!

20. You’ve been anticipating your 21st since freshman year to finally experience Bullwinkle’s on Thursdays, and mimosas for brunch at Madison Social.

Its a rite of passage here at FSU!

21. Lastly… no matter the experience, a Seminole is always a Seminole.

We’re a proud university despite the varying differences between each student on campus. We may not all share blood, but we all bleed Garnet and Gold and definitely wouldn’t want it any other way.

What are other signs that you go to FSU? Comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source:
Molly Manganelly

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