20 Reasons Why Northeastern Is The Absolute Worst

Every college student holds their own school in high regards and claims their school is the best, but not everyone can be right. And in some cases, many are wrong… One thing is for certain. And that is that Northeastern is just the absolute worst school there ever was. If you don’t agree with me, keep reading! Because I can explain exactly why with 20 undeniably simple reasons as to why Northeastern is the absolute worst!

1. Your friends will be mad at you because NU offers foot-in-the-door networking experiences.

Northeastern offers its students the opportunity to gain real life experience and take a break from classes for six months at a time, (often paid) to participate in the Co-op “Coop” program. Graduating with 1-3 solid chunks of experience to list on your resume really is the worst because you might lose contact with friends who graduated from other schools and are too salty to hang out with you anymore because of this. It is evident through Coop and other benefits NU students have, that we have an advantage when confronting corporate America (or corporate anywhere really) and this may make others insanely jealous.

2. You won’t be able to come up with a good enough excuse to opt out of a trip to the MFA.

Because admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is free all the time to Northeastern students… Wait what? Yup. What normally costs $20+ is given to NU students for free, any day, any time. Entry into one of the nicest museums with interesting and ever-changing displays, as well as a cafe that screams quality study time. If you’re looking to go on an artsy date or just want to peruse the museum on a lazy Sunday with friends, the Museum of Fine Arts is available to you for free, anytime. It is really unfortunate you won’t be able to come up with an excuse to not expand your knowledge of the fine arts.


3. There is too much to do around campus, so it is common that most students stay indoors alone because they just can’t make a decision.

Location, location, location! You’ve heard it a million times by now – Boston is arguably the best college town there is, and Northeastern is smack in the middle of it. So much to do, so little time. We consider the Prudential Center our “North Star”, the NU campus is adjacent to Fenway, a stone toss away from the shops on Newbury St, a quick walk to the beautiful Boston Public Garden, and a short train ride away from a beach or a big city attraction. Not to mention the gorgeous waterfront views and the restaurants in the North End… We can hop on a train to New York or ride a bus to Montreal in six hours. It is so inconvenient really, there is too much to do, might as well just watch Netflix.


4. The freshman 15 is inevitable because… Taco Bell.

We have the only Taco Bell in Boston. ‘Nuff said.

5. There is no excuse to not stay fit and active with Marino.

Speaking of Taco Bell… staying in shape is never easy and the Freshman 15 is all too real, but the Marino Center on campus is the answer to all of our fitspo-based prayers. This is a huge loss because when you first come home from your freshman semester away at school, you won’t be able to use the excuse that you were unable to work out when your great aunt doesn’t recognize you. Marino offers group classes (so you REALLY don’t have an excuse not to gym-it with a friend) and they have a sauna and an indoor track- so you have to come up with another excuse not to go.


6. There is too much freedom when choosing major options, you will have trouble adjusting to the simplicity.

If you’re like me and you have a too many interests to focus on just one major, NU has the answer. The Pre-Established and Combined Majors program has 94 pre-established combinations that encompass most educational crossovers, so you can choose the exact major combination that works for you, OR you can also make your own! But honestly, who can handle that much simplicity?

7. You will most likely never want to come back to NU, because of the study abroad and world-traveling opportunities.

Many college students dream about traveling the world, and maybe they can through a study abroad option, but Northeastern offers so much more. In addition to a traditional study abroad experience, we can also apply for coops all over the world and partake in dialogues abroad over the summer and experience our own Eat, Pray Love. You will probably not want to ever come back to finish your degree…awkward…


8. Those who choose to live in an LLC will have such a surplus of friends with the same interests as them, that they may forget other majors/hobbies exist.

As if they would really care anyways. Also known as LLCs…these are available for all incoming freshmen and some sophomores too! These are housing options particularly offered for students looking to live with other students who they have things in common with. Not only does it affect what roommate you get, but also everyone else living on your floor. You can be sorted into major-based housing like the Women in Business LLC or iNUvate (College of Science) or join lifestyle and interests based LLCs like Musical Motifs or Living Green!


9. If only there was a common street for popular off-campus housing, maybe a large neighborhood on a hill?

If you can’t live on campus, you can definitely live in some of the very popular off campus housing options. There are many cute streets around NU that house college students from all over the city, including the area known as Mission Hill. The Hill is full of culture, town-style living options and all the frat parties you can dream of.


10. You won’t be able to get any exercise walking with the Orange and Green Lines having stops everywhere you will need to be.

Pity. The Green line and Orange line are both accessible through stops on the Northeastern campus, and any Bostonian will tell you that you can get absolutely anywhere from these two lines.

11. There is so much diversity at Northeastern, you may start to associate with so many different social groups you forget where you started.

NU has 42 culturally based groups on campus that cater to 26% percent of the undergraduate students that identify as Hispanic, Native American, Asian or African American. Not to mention the 18% that are international. This is very visible when just walking around campus and the impact on the education and campus culture is positive the say the least (I may be biased).

12. Your rent is pointless because you really end up living in Snell Library.

Snell Library is open 24 hours – not common with most universities. With its amazing research resources, 3D printing lab, awesome coffee machines and all the educational and author-based events they put on, it’s kind of okay that we have to live there sometimes to keep up with our studies. We just might be throwing our room and board money right out the window…


13. You will start calling Northeastern your “Home-Away-From-Home” and make your family quite annoyed.

Northeastern offers a “homey” feel while maintaining a fun city-life vibe. What most city schools lack is a closed, safe, and sizable campus, but Northeastern has that too. While being in a city is amazing, we all need a bit of hominess and tradition sometimes.

#Centennial Quad for the win!

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14. Your family can surprise you at any moment with a spontaneous visit because of the proximity to Logan Airport.

With all of the traveling NU students do, having an airport nearby is a great advantage. Not to mention how easy it is to receive guests and make your mom come visit you when you’re feeling homesick.


15. You have the option to go on a Dialogue, so you legitimately may never want to come home…

Some people see summer school as a drag, but when your summer school consists of 2 months traveling to South America (or any other continent) it hardly seems like work. But don’t just take it from me. Lindsay, who just spent the first half of her summer traveling around Russia while taking classes, shares here experience with us below:

“Dialogue is for the kid who learns more by doing and experiencing, than reading or listening. I visited 4 countries in 5 weeks, tried more new things than I ever had in my life, and learned more than I would’ve in a whole year of class. Not to mention the drinking age is 18 (in most places). I would 150% recommend anyone to go on a Dialogue. And pro tip: it’s cheaper than staying in Boston.”

16. The police have their own department on campus, which may make students feel less safe.

Being an inner city school has its benefits, but it also makes people believe that our campus might not be as safe as a suburban school might be. But how many suburban schools have an actual Police Station on their campus? Northeastern has the ability to boast about our NUPD force which provides on campus services at any time and can be easily contacted from different spots around campus marked by a blue light. I feel safer already.

17. NU may not be known so much for its sports because it is known so well for the sports fans.

While students here aren’t well known for their school spirit due to a career mindset, we still have husky pride for our hockey games at Matthews Arena. The student section, the Dog House, is always overflowing with students, black and red apparel, and clever signs which make attending at least one game a Northeastern must.


18. There are constant entertainment opportunities at Northeastern, so you may not get out as much and explore the city.

As if living in a big city didn’t provide enough entertainment, NU puts together countless events, concerts, speakers, and programs to keep its students busy. Blackman Auditorium almost always has an event happening and AfterHours takes care of picking up the slack.


19. You won’t be able to blame a bad test grade on an “inadequate learning environment” from which you were taught.

Northeastern is small enough that you’re not overwhelmed, but large enough that you don’t have to see someone you don’t particularly like every day. Class sizes vary from very personal, 15 person, classes to large lecture halls.

20. You have come to the terrifying realization that if you applied to Northeastern again in the future, you may not be accepted.

With President Joseph Aoun, a.k.a. the Selfie King, in the reign, our school has gained a lot of recognition over the last few years and it is only predicted to get better. The acceptance rate has noticeably gone down and you often hear stories from students who got in a few years ago and are sure they wouldn’t get in now. The best schools just keep getting better, right?

What are some other reasons why Northeastern is the absolute “worst”? Comment below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source: enterprisecarshare.com, colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com
Laura Camila

Laura Camila is a Northeastern Middler from Puerto Rico. She may or may not be the girl your mother warned you about, but she lives her life like her blood type is B Positive anyways.

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