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21 Quotes To Live By

21 Quotes To Live By


Maybe you’re in college struggling through the semester. Or perhaps you’ve already graduated and are trying to figure out what to do next. You might even just need a little guidance and inspiration from time to time. No matter where you may be in life, turn to these quotes to challenge the way you think, and maybe even change the way you live.

1. Think about tomorrow.

2. Remember that the mistakes you make are temporary.

3. Learn to live.

4. Put yesterday behind you.

5. Find opportunity in everything.

6. Make every day count.

7. Find yourself.

8. Follow your dreams.

9. Keep in mind that everything is temporary; that includes the good and bad.

10. Love your life.

11. Follow your heart.

12. Let your light shine.

13. Don’t look back.

14. Count your blessings.

15. Stop rushing.

16. Believe in yourself.

17. Find the positive in every situation.

18. Stay focused.

19. Be happy.

20. Find a reason to laugh every day.

21. Remember that ends lead to beginnings.

Do you have any other important quotes to live by that we should know about? Comment below or share!
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