21 Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you're trying to figure out what to do for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Valentine's day, here are some fun and creative Valentine's Day date ideas!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it is time to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date for you and your significant other. You can elect for the stereotypical dinner date, or you can totally revamp your day to make it an occasion you’ll remember forever! Read on to discover 21 fun and creative Valentine’s Day date ideas you probably haven’t heard before!

Check out these fun and creative Valentine's Day date ideas!

 1.) DIY Spa Night

Dim the lights, play some relaxing music, and burn some incense to set the mood. Fill the tub with your favorite bubbles or bath bomb and spend the night taking turns giving and receiving back massages, foot rubs, mani/pedis. Bonus points if you make your own facial masks.


2.) Rooftop Date

Bundle up, because it sure is cold this time of year (especially if you live in Connecticut)! If you have a house with easy access to the roof, this date is sure to be a magical experience. Set up some champagne (or hot chocolate!), flowers, and a few comfy blankets, and simply enjoy each other’s presence while stargazing for a romantic Valentine’s day date idea.


 3.) Drive-In Date

This date takes a bit of creativity and some planning ahead, but it’s well worth it! Either indoors or outdoors, set up a projector facing a large, white wall, and set it up to play your significant other’s favorite movie. Make some homemade popcorn and drinks for your valentine’s date, and viola! You have your own homemade drive-in.


4.) Bike Ride and Picnic Date

OK, maybe this date will only work if Valentine’s Day happens to be unusually warm, or if your significant other is a serious cyclist, but this take on the traditional picnic date is sure to get your blood flowing! It has been scientifically proven that exercise increases adrenaline levels, which in turn increases attraction toward your partner. Spend the day cycling around New London, ending with a stop at a local beach or park, where you can dazzle your significant other with a whole picnic spread.



5.) Indoor Camping Date

Too cold to spend time outdoors? This date combines the fun of camping with a love of forts! Set up your tent indoors in your living room, get a fire going in the fireplace, and roast some marshmallows! You can hide out in your tent all night, telling scary stories and eating a romantic, fireside meal, all from the comfort of your own home.

An indoor camping date is a creative Valentine's Day date idea!


6.) Photo Shoot Date

Have you or your significant other been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take some professional-quality photos with one another? Spend the day getting dressed up and spoiling each other by having a Valentine’s Day photo shoot! Hire a professional photographer, or take turns snapping photos of one another, yourselves!


7.) Glow-In-The-Dark Date

Four words: black light, neon paint. Change all the light bulbs on a floor of your home to black lights, wear white clothing, and spend the evening seeing who can ‘hit’ whom more with the neon paint. Another option is to take turns painting one another! This date idea can be a little messy, so be prepared for a lot of cleanup time!



8.) Igloo Date

Lots of snow on the ground? Spend Valentine’s Day outdoors making a giant igloo! Then, spend part of your night relaxing in your private fortress– but leave time to warm up inside by a romantic fire!


9.) Ding-Dong-Ditch Date

Have lots of neighbors or friends spending Valentine’s Day alone? Spend the day baking and decorating cookies with your partner, then wrap the cookies up nicely in small packages. Write cards saying the cookies are from a secret valentine, and once it gets dark, go around the neighborhood ding-dong-ditching, leaving the cookies on people’s doorsteps!


10.) The First Date Date

This date is a great way to reconnect with your partner. Pretend it is you and your partner’s first date with one another, and ask questions you would typically ask when you’re getting to know someone. You might find out things you never knew! Or, conversely, use psychologist Dr. Aron’s 36 questions that are supposed to help couples fall in love with one another. Find them here.


11.) Backyard Hockey Date

Is the nearby pond frozen over, or a local parking lot covered in ice? Get outdoors, grab two hockey sticks and a puck, and play a game or two of ice hockey. Make it more competitive by inviting other couples, and divide yourselves into two teams. Make it a 2-against-2 tournament, with the winning couple earning a free dinner!


12.) Dog-Walking Date

Local animal shelters have programs in place where people can take homeless pets out for a walk! Take your significant other to such a shelter, find a dog that needs some exercise and attention, and get walking! Traverse the town, or find a local hiking trail.


13.) At Home Wine and Cheese Tasting Date

If your partner is a big foodie, purchase several different wines and cheeses, ranging from their favorites to ones they have never heard of. Spread them out, and take turns tasting each! For more fun, blindfold your partner and have them guess which kind is which, or have them write descriptions of the flavors and scents of each wine and cheese!


14.) Paintball Date

Always a fun time, but rarely thought of as a Valentine’s Day date. Go to your local paintball or airsoft center, and spend the day chasing each other around!


15.) Rock Climbing Date

Another rare Valentine’s Day date. Try something new and visit a local rock-climbing gym. Test your trust by belaying for one another, or race to the top of the wall!

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16.) Snow Graffiti Date

Ever wanted to try your hand at graffiti art? Mix water with food coloring, and spend the day painting the snow in your backyard!


17.) Gingerbread House Date

Gingerbread love shack, anyone? Sure, most people make gingerbread houses for Christmas, but with all the gingerbread kits now on sale, why not make one for Valentine’s Day?


18.) Theater Date

Spend a day at a local theater, or take a day trip to Broadway. After all, how many chances do you get to dress up and see some professional acting?


19.) Beach Bonfire Date

Cozy and romantic, and perfect for a cold night. Drive to a local beach, and make a small fire. Roast marshmallows, stargaze, or just enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure to check local ordinances to ensure bonfires are allowed first!

 20.) Restaurant Hopping Date

A more exciting version of a dinner date! Pick several restaurants you want to visit, and make reservations at each. Go to one for appetizers and drinks, one for a main course, and one for dessert!


 21.) Maple Snow Candy Date

Want to make some sweets with your sweetie? Boil pure maple syrup in a pot for about four minutes, then run outside and pour it in small pieces onto clean, freshly fallen snow! The syrup will instantly harden, giving you delicious maple candy to enjoy!


Can you think of any more creative Valentine’s Day date ideas? Share it with us in the comment section below!


Check out these fun and creative Valentine's Day date ideas!

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