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21 Dorm Tips For Binghamton University Students

21 Dorm Tips For Binghamton University Students

21 Dorm Tips For Binghamton University Students

Creating your own space that you’ll enjoy for the whole year is an important part of your university experience. Here are 21 tips to help you create your perfect dorm room at Binghamton University!




1. First step to create your dream room is to arrange your furniture with your roommate, if necessary. Organize in a way that is fitting for both of you.

2. The key to any great looking dorm room is theme. Use colors, prints, and your personality as inspiration. Use your major as a theme to show off who you are.


3. Decorate your walls with pictures of your family and friends. Wall decals are another cheap alternative way to spruce up your room.


Example: Liz Thompson, Susquehanna

4. Buy posters to show off your interests. It’s a great conversation starter!

Example: Abby Leland. Bingham Hall, Newing.


5. Add fairy lights and/or lanterns to your wall.

Example: Janice Lezeau, Lehman Hall, Hinman

6. Add a large tapestry on your wall as an alternative to posters and pictures.


Example: Ronit Feifer, Johnson Hall, Dickinson

7. Own a lot of jewelry? They can be another great way to decorate. Buy a jewelry hanger and showcase them on your walls.


8. Get a snug and trendy comforter. Try to buy one that is durable so you can reuse it each year at Binghamton. Your comforter can be twin sized, just make sure your sheets are Twin XL!


9. Make sure you’ve invested in a good mattress topper. Sleeping with springs on your back every night will have an adverse long term effect on your mental health.

Example: Jillian Nostro, Endicott Hall, Newing

10. Don’t have headboards? Create one yourself through DIYs you may find online using cardboard and a cool print.


11. Throw blankets may add do the look you’re striving for, but it is also handy for the cold season at Binghamton.

12. Throw pillows helps to add subtle personality to your room.


13. If your room is big enough, buy a lounge chair for when your friends come over. It’s a great way to keep them off your bed!

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14. A small ottoman that also stores is a smart addition to any room.

Example: Alec Laguna, Lehman Hall, Hinman


15. Buy food storage containers to stock all your late night snacks.

16. Buy a small bedtime table or create one yourself using a trash can with a simple cloth over it. Or get a trendy metal wastebasket that requires no cloth.

17. Find funky stack able storage cubes or stacking drawers from The Container Store.



18. A rug is an essential part of any dorm room. It complements your room while saving your feet from the cold floor.

19. If the light in your dorm is not enough, buy a small bedside lamp.

Example: Tanya Munson, Johnson Hall, Dickinson


20. Buy a dry erase calendar to keep track of your schedule.

21. Add a few plants to bring your room to life.

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