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2022 Emmy Awards Predictions

The 2022 Emmy Awards will air next month, and for once, I’m excited. I never have a reason to watch the Emmys, as the shows I like are never nominated. But this year, I’m rooting for a lot of contenders. Here are some of my predictions for what will win (as well as what I want to win):

Outstanding Comedy Series: Ted Lasso

Honestly, this show wasn’t for me. I found both the humor and the characters to be a bit forced and unbelievable. A lot of the characters felt archetypical, but maybe I need to give the show another shot. That said, I’m not the one who’s handing out the Emmy awards. Ted Lasso has won a number of awards already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it scored another. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% Fresh, the show has certainly received its fair share of praise. 

What I Want To Win: What We Do In The Shadows

I’m obsessed with this show. Every actor pulls their weight, the characters are all absurdly relatable, and the comedy is top-notch. I’ve never laughed more at a show than I have with What We Do In The Shadows. Seriously, Taika Waititi is a genius. Although it deserves to win for Outstanding Comedy Series, I don’t think its chances are good. The show is unconventional, to say the least. From what I’ve seen, the Emmys favor realistic shows over fantasy.

Outstanding Drama Series: Squid Game

This one was tough. There were a lot of great dramas that came out this year, but none of them has made as big of an impact as Squid Game. In my opinion, the show deserves all the hype it’s received. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s inventive, engaging, and impossible not to binge. I also may or may not have shed some tears while watching it. Aside from its popularity, Squid Game has earned mostly positive reviews, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% fresh. 

What I Want To Win: Stranger Things 4

The only other nominee that has the same level of hype as Squid Game is Stranger Things. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t seen this show. While I still prefer season one, season four was amazing. The stakes got higher, the acting was superb (where’s Sadie Sink’s nomination??), and the final was undeniably epic. Eddie Munson playing Metallica in the Upside Down shaped my summer. However, I feel like Stranger Thing‘s popularity will actually hurt it. The Emmys will probably choose something more “surprising,” though Squid Game would hardly be a shock. 

Lead Actor In A Comedy Series: Jason Sudeikis

Though I’m iffy about Ted Lasso, I love Jason Sudeikis. He’s inarguably a talented actor and skilled comedian. While his character on the show felt a bit too stereotypical to me, his comedic timing was sharp and he gave the role all he had. It also seems like part of the reason why everyone loves Ted Lasso is because Jason Sudeikis is in it. 

Who I Want To Win: Steve Martin

OK, I’ll admit, I actually want Donald Glover to win. He’s just so so talented (and definitely a celebrity crush). Since I’ve never seen Atlanta, I’m not at liberty to put him as my “who I want to win.” My choice then goes to Steve Martin. Only Murders in the Building is a fantastic show, mostly due to the on-screen chemistry between the three main characters. In my opinion, Martin is the strongest actor in the trio. Even with his quirks, his character is so charming…you can’t help but root for him. While sometimes Martin Short’s performance feels a bit stilted, Steve Martin plays the role of Charles-Haden Savage in such an authentic way. Speaking of which, where’s Selena Gomez’ lead actress nomination? She was robbed.

Lead Actress In A Comedy Series: ???

Truthfully, I haven’t seen any of the shows that the nominees are from. Guess I have a lot of binging to get to!

Lead Actor In A Drama Series: ???

Same goes for this category. The only show I’ve seen here is Squid Game, and I will say, Lee Jung-jae did a phenomenal job. We’ll have to wait and see who wins!

Lead Actress In A Drama Series: Zendaya

Maybe I’m biased, because I love Zendaya. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s great at everything she does, and her work in Euphoria is no exception. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show, so I might not be the right person to make this call. Zendaya’s portrayal of Rue has stolen every scene I’ve watched. Her acting is gritty, authentic, and absolutely heartbreaking. It’s a difficult role (and a difficult performance to watch), and she nails it. For that reason, I’ll also put Zendaya down as who I want to win. 

See Also

Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series: The White Lotus

Though I have mixed feelings about the show, I can admit that it was very well done. The cast was full of big names and the story felt hauntingly real. Do I think the pacing was too slow? Sort of, I do. Was I satisfied with the ending? Not really. In spite of its flaws, The White Lotus offered interesting commentary on the class divide, micro aggressions, and more. Out of all of the contenders, I think The White Lotus will win. I also think, by default, that it’s the one that I’m rooting for. Whether you liked The White Lotus or not, can we all agree that Jennifer Coolidge deserves to win best supporting actress? She carried the show, as always. 


Mind you, I’m only a 21-year-old college student. My thoughts are not as well-versed as those of an actual TV critic. I’m relying solely on my intuition when I make these predictions. I guess we’ll find out if I’m right on any of them, come September 12th.

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