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20 Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Must Own

20 Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Must Own

Before you start packing up your closet for the semester, you should make sure you’ve got all of the wardrobe essentials you could ever need. From football games to nights out on the town, there are a few staples for events like these that are must-haves in any college girl’s closet.


Starting with the most obvious, you’re going to need some tops. Keep a lot of basics in your closet so that you can easily mix and match, but don’t be afraid to spice it up with some crop tops and bodysuits for going out in.

1. Basic Tops

Tees and tanks in classic shapes and colors are perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans or leggings to run out the door to class in. They can be dressed up with jewelry, or worn casually with a jacket or flannel.




2. Going Out Tops

Whether your school is a bar school or a party school, find some cheap crop tops and bodysuits that you feel confident in. Don’t spend too much on them, though, because in all likelihood, they will eventually get ruined.


3. Sweaters/Cardigans

You’ll be thankful that you have some knits in your wardrobe, perfect for layering throughout the fall and winter months.



4. Sweatshirts

Great for those mornings where you just can’t be bothered to put on a real outfit; a zip up, hoodie, or crew-neck sweatshirt will be quickly become your best friend.





Moving right along, jeans, leggings and skirts are wardrobe essentials for any college girl looking to upgrade her closet.

5. Jeans

As painful as shopping for jeans can be, when you find the perfect pair, you can’t live without them. Jeans are great for casual outfits, or can be dressed up for a night out.




6. Denim Shorts

Although at some schools the window for wearing shorts may be small, it is still super handy to have at least one pair of denim shorts in your closet. You never know when there’s going to be a heatwave—or a themed party—for that matter.



7. Skirts

A versatile piece every wardrobe must have is the mini skirt. Bodycon is great for going out, while button-front and skater skirts are must-haves for casual day wear.



8. Leggings

What’s a “wardrobe essentials” list without leggings? Stock up on basics for hanging out and going to class, but don’t shy away from different patterns and materials. Faux leather leggings are perfect for a night out, or dressing up a particularly trendy top.



Everyone needs a few dresses in their wardrobe. Dresses are awesome to throw on in the morning for class, or heading out for lunch with friends.  If you go to school in a region with changing weather, don’t forget to invest in versatile dresses that can be worn with layers.


9. Casual Dresses

T-shirt dresses, swing dresses and skater dresses are perfect for throwing on as you head out the door in the morning. Minimal effort, maximal style.




10. Event Dresses

You can’t forget to invest in a few solid dresses that can be worn to school dances, fancy events or upscale dinners. Try to find dresses that can be worn multiple times by sticking to basic colors and silhouettes that won’t limit you to specific occasions.




When it comes to shoes, you’ll definitely want to invest in a variety of options. Here are a few good brands with tons of affordable shoes perfect for college girls.

11. Heels (or flats if you just can’t)

Heels are essential for last minute interviews, perfect for dressing up your outfit to hit the bars and pretty much a must-have for every female in general. But then again, there are plenty of girls who prefer flats – which is absolutely fine, just make sure you have a pair that’s sleek enough to wear to don at a fancier occasion.


12. Sneakers

You know…for when you decide you’re actually gonna work out….


13. Boots

Whether you’re trudging across campus in the rain or heading to those late fall football games, you’ll need a few pairs of boots: rain boots, riding boots and ankle boots are all highly recommended.


Sure, the basics are important to every college girl’s wardrobe, but accessories can make or break the versatility of your closet.

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14. Winter Wear

Make sure you remember to pack a scarf, hat and gloves. It can be easy to let these items slip your mind as you pack up in August, but come November you’ll thank me for this.



15. Bags

As we all know, you can never have too many bags. For football games, nights out and coffee runs with friends, pick up a cross-body bag. For weekend trips home or in lieu of a backpack, go for a bigger tote bag.


16. Jewelry

It’s no secret that jewelry is 100% capable of making your outfit. Don’t forget to stock your closet with a couple bold pieces that match your personality. This is the quickest way to bring an outfit from day to night (like when you leave night class to immediately go to the bar). Check out some really great CHEAP accessory brands here.



Dressing in layers is key to college life. You never know what the temperature will be like by the time you’re out of back-to-back classes, so it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

 17. Going Out Jacket

When walking from party to party or down the street to your friend’s apartment, you’re going to need something to keep you warm. Invest in an inexpensive jacket reserved for going out, in the likely event it gets lost, stolen or spilled on.


18. Vest

When the weather gets chilly and it’s not quite jacket weather, a vest will be your BFF. Layer it with a long sleeve shirt and jeans or over a dress and you’re good to go!



Although for the majority of the time you will be resorting to your staples, there are a few things that can be easy to forget when packing. Think about things like job interviews and free yoga classes when packing up your wardrobe to head to school.


19. Professional Clothing

Because you never know when an opportunity will present itself, make sure you bring a blazer, a blouse and a pair of nice pants with you to college.


20. Workout Gear

If you’re living at school, chances are there is a gym on campus. Definitely take advantage, seeing as this is probably the only time your gym membership will be free! Workout wardrobe essentials include leggings, sports bras and workout tanks.


What are your must-have wardrobe essentials for college? Let us know in the comments!


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