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20 Tips for University of Maryland Freshmen

20 Tips for University of Maryland Freshmen

20 Tips for University of Maryland Freshmen

Whether you are planning on attending the University of Maryland in the fall or already are a Freshman there at the moment, you should definitely keep reading these 20 tips for University of Maryland Freshmen.

1. You may feel alone, awkward, and nervous, but just remember there are 4,000 other kids who feel the exact same way.

2. Try not to take all joke classes your freshman year, you will need those for when you are a burnt out senior.

3. Don’t stress out if you’re second guessing your major, the advisors will keep you sane and help plan your four-year schedule.

4. If you don’t have any work, there’s no reason you should be sitting in your room. Go out with your friends on your floor and make the most of your first year.

5. Just remember to keep it classy at frats, your reputation could come back to haunt you.

6. Be open to meeting new people even if they’re not like your high school friends.

7. Freshman connection isn’t as bad as you think, but your first week will probably consist of back to back View parties.

8. Join any club/organization, it will make a really big school feel a lot smaller.

9. Just know that Applebee’s has half off apps until midnight…

10. Don’t bother waiting in line at Bents because you will be denied (AKA you may end up spending one too many nights in the cstone loft.)

11. Always walk home at night with a friend.


12. The first week of school you will most likely eat at Pizza Mart, Pizza Kingdom, Slices at 2am..or Shanghai if you are feeling ambitious.

13. Try to make it to at least one football game even though you will probably end up leaving after the first quarter.

14. Fair warning: if you go to Life In Color, your phone will get broken and or stolen.

15. Look past the stereotypes and give Greek life a chance, it could change your life.

16. Expect a 30 min wait at Bagel Place after long nights out, there will be countless kids fiending for a mediocre bagel or a frozen coffee that will probably save their lives.

17. Don’t lose touch with your home friends, you always need a support system to go back to.

18. Wait until the end of September to buy your books. Chances are you won’t touch most of them until May when you sell them back to BookHolders.

19. If you live on north campus take advantage of Eppley and dodge the freshman 15.

20. Know that these 4 years go by too fast so get ready for the best experience of your life.

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