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20 Tips for Providence College Freshmen

I truly believe that Providence College is the greatest place on earth. I was hesitant about coming here, but since orientation is awkward for everyone, I decided to tough out the first semester. Best decision of my life. I have found the best friends I have ever had, I am surrounded by people who love me, and I feel safe 100% of the time. I had fabulous orientation leaders – shout out to group 17 – who gave me some advice that I still use today as a second semester sophomore. The past year and a half here have been the best times of my life. Whether you’re going to suites on a Friday night, ordering Big Tony’s at 1 am, or enjoying Netflix and chill with your besties, Providence College (or PC) has something to offer for everyone. It may be cheesy, but we truly are a Friar Family. Once a Friar, always a Friar.

That being said, I’ve picked up some useful tips along the way during my time here are Providence College. Abide by these because they will save you from looking like “a freshman” around campus…and nobody wants that.

1. DON’T walk on the grass.

PC students, just don’t do it. It’s an unspoken rule that you can sit on it with your friends, but NEVER cross it on your way to class.

2. Slavin is pronounced Slay Vin.

3. Accino is pronounced like the end of ‘cappuccino.’

And it is always 100 degrees in there, so good luck.

4. Raymond hall = Ray

No matter whether you’re talking about the dining hall or the residence hall (they’re connected)…it’s just ray.


Every Thursday for lunch. Enough said.

6. No one judges you for sitting at the bar alone for meals…

…because literally everyone does it.


Trust me, you don’t want to end up scrambling at the midterm because you’ve read nothing so far and your professors don’t give you quizzes. Your homework is on you, so do it.

8. Go to class.

Professors will KILL you on participation points for the class if you don’t. Most classes are really small so they will notice if you don’t show up.


They can be found on your Providence College app (the Starbucks one is on the 3rd page). You don’t want to end up being late for class because you were waiting in line for coffee…your professors won’t laugh when you make a joke about it – trust me.

10. If you can avoid going to Dunkin’ between classes, do so.

Try to go on the hour before your class because it’s less crowded and then you won’t have to wait and you won’t be late for class (See #9).

11. Friarbucks will be your favorite thing and also your biggest demise.

You’ll get $140 each semester (they transfer over between semesters but not years) and you can spend them in Alumni Hall, Ruane Café (Starbucks), and Sandellas, as well as at Schneider Arena during hockey games. Spend wisely though, because they go faster than you’d think and you don’t want to end up with $0 halfway through the semester.

12. Buy season tickets to the basketball games and buy (FREE!) online student tickets for hockey games.

Going to games is the greatest part of being a friar. You feel the community vibe and so connected to your classmates.

13. Change up your weekend routine.

Going to the same room, every weekend, with the same people gets real old, real fast.

14. Likewise, change up what you consume.

Having pizza every day for lunch gets really boring and drinking the same mixed drink every Friday makes you hate it.

See Also

15. Rent your textbooks as often as possible.

Also try and find books outside of the bookstore if you can because they will over-charge you for the cheapest books and then refuse to buy them back at the end of semester.

16. Go to BOP events.

They usually have free food and free t-shirts. There is nothing better during college then accumulating free stuff from the college you pay thousands of dollars to attend.

17. Buy a nice Providence College sweatshirt to wear to class when you’re feeling tired.

Everyone can rock a nice grey or black sweatshirt and jeans on “off” days (aka days with Civ seminar).

*There are special sales in the bookstore every couple of months where certain racks are  70% off, so take advantage of that, and when your parents come to visit.

18. Say “hi” to the ABM and Ray workers!

They are so nice and will always be there with a warm smile; a simple hello can make their day.

19. Try to be the first roommate to campus on move-in day so you can choose the good bed.

I got stuck with the top bunk and the bad desk my freshman year because I was the last one in.

20. Have as much fun as you can and trust your gut when meeting new people and making relationships.

You can essentially do whatever you want at school, but the most important thing is to be yourself because I promise you that your friendship soulmate is waiting for you at Providence College.

Peace, Love, and PC

Do you have any other tips for Providence College freshmen? Share in the comments below!
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Bailey Fielding

Bailey is a psychology major at Providence College and lives in Lenox, MA. She is hopelessly addicted to coffee and if you buy her an iced caramel with cream, she’ll love you forever!

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