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20 Tips For Freshmen Attending LIU Brooklyn

20 Tips For Freshmen Attending LIU Brooklyn

Welcome freshmen attending LIU Brooklyn! Here are some tips you may want to look at to give you a heads up on any situation you may experience while attending.

1. Visit

Before you look for any classes of your choice, you may want to look up how your future classmates rate their professors and save you some time to avoid any professors that aren’t helpful.

2. Use the library.

I am telling you that all your resources you may ever need to finish up an essay, research a paper, or complete a PowerPoint presentation can be found at the library.


3. Participate in a Work Study.

Doing a Work Study while in college is the best way to earn some extra cash for your needs and gain more skills based on your major.

4. Consider attending Rush Week.

If you want to get to know people and be a part of a group that does events for the campus, then rush week is the perfect time to find out about yourself and what you can do for others.

5. Get to know your professors.

You always want to get to know your professor for whenever you have a question based on your assignments, or for asking for advice or feedback based on your presence in the class.

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6. Don’t date someone who is dishonest.

I can tell you from a personal bad experience-Don’t do it-bad idea!


7. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your assignment that was due today.

I know a lot of students say that more ideas comes out when you do the assignment last minute, but it really depends on how you write it and what the professor prefers. If you know that you have an assignment due in 2 weeks, then you should already have great ideas and take notes when your professor is giving you tips for how to achieve a better grade.


8. Get a planner.

You may want to get a planner to keep yourself up to date with your assignments, events you want to attend, meetings with your counselor about your grades, etc.

9. Get to know your classmates.

10. Check out the awesome majors and minors.

11. Explore the campus life.

12. Excite yourself by attending a play in the Kumble Theatre.


13. Familiarize yourself with where everything is located on campus.

14. Hang out in the Cafe, subway, or even outside by the garden.

15. Need a coffee fix? We have Starbucks!

16. Attend the dance parties or games offered every other month.

17. Join a club, Sorority/Fraternity, Step up team, or sports of your interest.


18. Go to the bookstore for any references you may need for class.

19. Don’t push yourself too hard to the point where you want to give up!

20. Make the most of your experience at LIU Brooklyn.

Any other advice for freshmen attending LIU Brooklyn that you can think of? Comment below with your ideas and share this article!
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