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20 Things No One Tells You About Your First Year at Conn

It’s almost that time of year again! First years, welcome to a new chapter of your life. Keep reading for 20 tips to make the most of your experience at Connecticut College.

1. Take advantage of Conn’s resources.

Connecticut College believes in helping its students with whatever they need to succeed.

2. Sign up for classes you think you’ll enjoy.

It’s very important that you take the time to explore and find classes that you’re interested in. It’ll make your life much easier!

3. Get used to the furry friends.

Friendly squirrels and skunks are everywhere. They’re not afraid of you, so you shouldn’t be afraid of them.


4. Stock up on food and snacks for your dorm.

Sometimes, the food in the dining hall isn’t always satisfying. There will probably be times when you might even leave still hungry! Make sure you have snacks/food in your room in case this happens.

5. Find a balance between school and fun.

As a freshman, you might be under the impression that college is all about partying…but seriously, don’t burn yourself out too early. Balance is key.

6. Leave extra time if you plan to use the Camel Van.

One sad thing about being a first year is that you’re not allowed to have car on campus, so you’ll have to take the camel van. If you plan to take the Camel Van one day, make sure you clear out a couple hours in your schedule. You really can’t rely on perfect timing with the Van’s schedule.

7. Pack warm clothing.

If you are not from New England then you don’t know New England weather. Bring very warm clothing—being cold is not fun!

8. Get involved in something that matters.

Connecticut College is filled with a bunch of activists and caring people. When you attend Conn, you are joining a community that contributes.

9. Be friendly.

Life at Conn is much easier when you know people. Whenever you get the chance, say hi to someone you don’t know.

10. Take advantage of your professors’ office hours.

Office hours are definitely worth going to. It shows you care about what you are learning, and allows you to form real relationships with your professors.

11. Take a dance class.

Taking a dance class is a fun way to learn and perform at Conn!

12. Get to know faculty.

Start building relationships with faculty at the beginning of the semester. You never know when you might need them (or their recommendations)!

13. Bring dorm decor.

The worst thing ever is having a boring room. Bare walls can feel like a prison cell…so make sure you have a lot of decorations. A happy room will make your transition much easier!

14. Check out Temple Green.

Temple Green is very beautiful, and there are only two seasons in the school year where you can really see it. Enjoy it this fall while you still can!

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15. Go for a stroll in the Arboretum.

Walking in the Arboretum is something you must experience. It gives a completely different side of Conn and it’s so beautiful.

16. Go see a sports game.

Your duty as a Camel is to support other Camels. Go see a sports game and cheer your friends on!


17. Find a good walking pace.

Making sure you have enough time to get to your classes, meetings, lunch, etc. This is very important! Know how long it takes you to get between destinations and find a good walking pace to get there.

18. Get your CELS workshops out of the way.

The worst thing you can do is put off CELS workshops. Get them out of the way sooner rather than later!

19. Find a good group of friends.

Conn is a great place, but it’s even better when you’re with people you like. Find your group to enhance your experience at Conn.

20. Enjoy your first year!!

You only get 1 chance at being a freshman/first year in college, so enjoy it and make it count!

What other tips do you have for first years at Connecticut College? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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