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20 Tips For Every Ohio University Freshman

20 Tips For Every Ohio University Freshman

20 Tips For Every Ohio University Freshman

So you attended orientation; it was fun, but now you know that 8AM class will be killer. You are happy to have met a few new people (potential friends?) and to have gotten those long Bobcat safety talks out of the way. Now, it’s time to focus on preparing yourself for college. Being an official OU Bobcat comes with its responsibilities. We at SOCIETY19 are here to help out the best we can, so that we can make your transition as smooth as possible. Keep reading for 20 tips every Ohio University freshman needs to know!

1. The people you met at Orientation are NOT the only people you will see this fall.

Don’t be paranoid if you didn’t click with anyone at Orientation. There are plenty of other people (that you haven’t met yet) who will be excited to be your friend.

2. Look into getting involved.

Start thinking about if you are interested in things like rush, jobs, or clubs. It’s super helpful to have a sense of what is offered before you get to Athens. You will feel much less overwhelmed!



3. Start shopping!

Don’t procrastinate! Get out there and start shopping for all of those dorm essentials.

4. Don’t forget about your high school friends.

This is your last summer to live it up with your high school friends before college. Make the most of it. Plan a trip, go on a hike, or get concert tickets. It’s worth making those memories!


5. Avoid negativity.             

Don’t fret about the little things like if you have a bad dorm or an 8AM class. College will still be an awesome experience, even if it’s not always glamorous.

6. Remember to take time for yourself.

When you get to Athens, don’t feel like you have to be social 100% of the time. It’s healthy to spend some time by yourself. Make time to do something you love!

7. Research fun restaurants.

Be sure to experience all the local cuisine at Athens. You won’t be let down! Search “Athens restaurants” on Google and read restaurants that interest you. A couple of my favorites are Bagel Deli and Casa Nueva!


8. Plan out your living space.

Go to the Ohio University webpage and find your dorm room’s dimensions. This will help you to begin planning what you can and cannot buy for the fall.

9. Get a planner, and USE it.

Having a schedule helps! Plan your days out so you are prepared to get things done. No one likes feeling crunched for time!

10. Ask questions!

Don’t feel stupid if you have to ask for directions on campus or if you need to check with your RA about certain rules. Everyone was a freshman at some point, so they will be happy to help you.


11. Buy a nice phone case.

Get a phone case that will make your life more convenient. It’s super helpful to have one that can hold your Student ID and a credit card!

12. Remember that most students are not looking for relationships.

Most college kids are just looking to have fun, so try your best to not take your hookups too seriously (or else you might end up getting hurt in the end).

13. Be careful with spending your money!

Don’t spend all your money in one semester…


14. Girls-Don’t buy too many heels.

The hills in Athens are UNREAL. Heels are not the move, unless they are extremely comfortable.

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15. Eat a balanced diet.

Beware of the Freshman 15. It can happen!


16. Make sure your roommate approves your room decor.

Keep in mind that your roommate may have different tastes than you. Double check that they are okay with that Harry Potter poster you plan to hang on the back of the door.

17. Be open with your roommate.

If you have an issue, voice it! Nothing is worse than built up anger about something that could have been avoided in the first place.

18. Wear OU gear in moderation.

A cute t-shirt or baseball cap doesn’t hurt, but just don’t be that freshman that only wears school spirit-wear.



19. Remember, you’re not the only one trying to make friends.

Get out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to others. I promise you that it won’t seem as weird as you think it is.

20. Set goals.

College life is not sleeping in your dorm all day and skipping classes. Make sure to set healthy goals for yourself to ensure a successful first year as a Bobcat.

Do you have any other advice for every Ohio University freshman? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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