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20 Things No One Tells SJU Freshmen

20 Things No One Tells SJU Freshmen

Keep reading for 20 tips that every incoming SJU freshman NEEDS to know!

At the beginning of the year…

1. Form a strong relationship with your advisor. If you ever need help with anything, they will be more than glad to help you out.

2. Have a conversation with your roommates about what it takes for you to be comfortable. No matter how close you end up being with your roommates, it’s important to remember to respect each other’s boundaries.


For the room…

3. Always have snacks in your dorm. Whether that’s Cup Noodles or Oreos, have something.

4. Don’t go overboard with dorm shopping. Between you and your roommates, there will be a lot of stuff…and it gets tight! We’re in Queens, not the middle of nowhere, so you will always have the opportunity to go get things if you need them.



When you’re on campus…

5. Don’t sit in the back of the classroom. That’s the easiest place to lose focus!

6. Join at least one organization or club; it helps with meeting people and being more than just a classroom student.

7. Don’t look at your phone in class…it’s not worth getting on your professor’s bad side.


8. Don’t be late to class. Just don’t.

Scheduling tips…

9. Know that staying busy helps with homesickness.

10. But still make some time for yourself. This kind of contradicts the previous tip, but you do need to find a balance.


Around the local area…

11. Get familiar with food options off campus, because you’ll definitely get tired of Monty’s.

12. If you’ll be venturing off around Queens, and the rest of the city, make sure your phone is fully charged or get a portable charger.

Lifestyle habits…

13. Clean your dorm and bathroom at least once a week. You don’t even know how dirty it can get even if you are the tidiest person in the world.


14. Do not procrastinate. You will hate yourself for it, trust me on that one.

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15. Learn to accept that basketball is actually life at SJU.


16. If you live on the second or third floor, take the stairs…if you don’t, everyone else to hate you.


Amidst the social scene…

17. Don’t attempt to throw a party in Donovan or St. Vinny’s. It will get shut down by Public Safety.


18. Be prepared for very long Dunkin’ lines on the weekends, unless you get there at sunrise.

19. Your premium swipes are sacred. Don’t waste them.

Lastly, please remember…

20. Don’t freak out too much. Everything will be okay.

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