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20 Tips For Every Freshman at Grand Canyon University

So you’re coming to Lope Country… You made the right choice! GCU is the place to be. The community here is incredible. Being a freshman in college can be scary. It is a big place and you have to adapt. So keep reading 20 tips for every freshman at Grand Canyon University, and follow these tips to make the adjustment at GCU a little easier!

1. You do not need to buy a tee shirt. EVER.

There are so many events where free tee shirts are just waiting to be given to you. Believe me, by the end of your first year you will need a whole box just for purple shirts!

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2. Go to GCU events.

This is where you will meet many people and have a ton of fun. There are always events going on. Keep an eye out and follow social media accounts.

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3. Join the Havocs.

Even if you aren’t a huge sports fan, this is a must-do on the GCU bucket list. The Havocs are our student section and it is important for every Freshman at Grand Canyon University to join. We paint ourselves and scream our heads off cheering for the Lopes. It’s another great way to build a relationship with the community and make friends.

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4. Invest in a Keurig.

Even though we have a few different options to get coffee on campus, you don’t want to spend your dining dollars on a four dollar cup of coffee.


5. You don’t need to dress up for class everyday.

No one cares. You will have certain classes that require you to dress up for presentations. But you don’t need to go all out every single day. It’s okay to wear jeans and a tee every once and awhile.


6. You’re not going to date that person that you meet at welcome week.

Ah, good ol’ welcome week. You meet so many people. People that you will forget the names of come the next event. So, don’t get all worked up over the first cute guy to approach you. Believe me, we have a lot of them.

7. You are allowed to hang out with people other than your roommates.

Your roommates and you will go through a honeymoon phase. This phase is when you will spend every waking, eating, and sleeping second together. And that is okay. Just remember to make friends in class and get involved in other things.


8. Buy a decent planner.

If you are anything like many Lopes, you will have classes, a job, a social life, and clubs or organizations you get involved in. Having a planner that you can look at non-stop is a beautiful gift from God.


9. Prepare yourself for University of Success.

This is something that annoys all students, not just Freshman at Grand Canyon University. It’s tedious and annoying but you’ll get through it. University of Success is the intro course to GCU. Everyone takes it. It’s eight weeks long and you’ll loathe every minute of it. But I can promise you, work hard because you should get an A.

10. Get used to the weird weather.

Arizona is known for being hot and it is. But you should prepare yourself for some interesting weather aside from the heat. Arizona gets these weird things called haboobs and monsoons.

11. “Ring before spring!”

There’s no doubt that you get excited about meeting someone in college. Many seniors get engaged come graduation. Do not let this rule your life. The right person will come into your life at the right time.

12. Don’t chase the cats.

GCU is crawling with cute cats. They’re all friendly. But you look like the crazy cat lady when you start to chase them.

13. Invest in some kind of transportation.

Our school is rapidly growing. The newest buildings are on the outskirts of the campus. Get a board, a scooter, or a bike.

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14. Look out for longboarders.

That being said…longboards fly past you on the daily. Sometimes they like to run into people. Listen and be aware of your surroundings. Most times they will get around you on their own so don’t try to jump out of the way.

15. Choose friends over Netflix.

One of the most important pieces of advice for Freshman at Grand Canyon University. There are many opportunities to go out with friends and there are many opportunities to binge Grey’s Anatomy. Go with your friends. Always. You wont regret the memories that are made.

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16. Make sure you eat lunch before you attend chapel.

Chapel is every Monday at eleven. Come noon all the places to eat turn into waiting in line for Space Mountain at Disney World. Do yourself a favor, eat before.

17. DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to submit something late at night to TurnItIn.

Do not, I repeat- DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to submit something to Turnitin on a Sunday night between the hours of ten pm and midnight. You will not get a report until the next morning.

18. Be patient with LoudCloud, because Nobody’s Perfect.

Nobody’s Perfect. LoudCloud is our online learning platform and a lot of times it can act up. Just remember that Nobody’s Perfect and to be patient.

19. Get used to Hall Hours.

Hall hours are a thing and that isn’t changing anytime soon. So pay attention to them and be smart. Follow the rules and you will realize having the door open is actually kind of nice. There is no awkward conversation or pressure to do anything.

20. Don’t swipe away your sorrows.

Last but not least, a very important piece of advice for Freshman at Grand Canyon University. Dining dollars sneak up on you. Don’t spend them on things that are just going to add to the Freshman 15 and only soothe your stress for the time you are eating.


So with all that being said, Welcome to the Herd.

What are some other tips or advice you would tell to an incoming freshman at Grand Canyon University? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Sabrina Dahlberg

Sabrina is studying Elementary Education at Grand Canyon University. A native Arizonan, Sabrina enjoys laying out by the pool. So much so, she spends her summers coaching swim. Sabrina is involved in the student government at GCU. She is a coffee addict who enjoys curling up with a good book in her hammock. She loves cheering on the Lopes at sporting events. She is a baseball enthusiast and prides herself as a D-backs fan. Sabrina plans to travel the world and immerse herself in different cultures.

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