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10 Times New Girl Summed Up College Life

10 Times New Girl Summed Up College Life

With their crazy antics, the stars of New Girl can seriously relate to our life in college.

1. When you have to do group work.

The New Girl crew gets that sometimes it just isn’t easy working with people.

2. When you remember all the questionable decisions you made last night.

You might regret a few decisions, but you probably had some fun.


3. When you go back home for the weekend to real meals.

There’s nothing like mom’s home cooking.

4. When you get your grades back from midterms and you actually passed.

Hopefully, this isn’t a foreign feeling. Regardless, you deserve a celebration.

5. When you join a sorority.

Crafting is just a staple of sorority life.


6. When everyone asks how you are at family gatherings.

Does anyone know what they’re doing?

7. When you walk out of an exam knowing you failed.

You can all relate to the sting of this feeling. At this point, you just need to take a second.

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8. When you try to make plans with your friends for the weekend.

The weekends are for fun, right?

9. When it’s finals week and you’re just not sure how to handle it.

Jess Day understands your emotional hardships.

10. When your last class of the week is finally over.


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