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20 Times Mom Was Right

As we get older, the old saying “mother knows best” only becomes more and more annoyingly accurate. As much as we don’t like to admit we’re wrong (because at thirteen we totally knew everything about the world) moms really do give some of the best advice we could ever need. At the time, her words of wisdom made us stomp up the stairs to our bedroom and blast the new Paramore album because she just didn’t understand, but today, we can all agree her words held truth. Moms know all of the secrets to the world, and now that we are older, we can definitely appreciate these twenty times mom was right.

1. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen.

Because no one wants their spring break beach trip to turn into one where you sit under the umbrella all day in pain because the color of your skin is as red as the lifeguard chair. Just wear sunscreen, it’ll prevent skin cancer and wrinkles – your skin will thank you later.

2. Bleaching your hair will only cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Mom was right – stripping your entire head with bleach and unprofessionally dying it a crazy color may seem trendy, but it’s a huge commitment that will take years to reverse. Doing this will cause split ends and add an overall dull, brittle look to your hair. Leave it to the professionals.


3. Things are never as bad as they seem.

With age, you realize that moms really are smart. They’ve been through everything you’re going through and are here to tell the tale, therefore when they feed you inspirational lines, it comes from experience. Take it, and believe it.

4. Procrastinating is always a bad idea.

It’s true there’s always something better to do than school work, but the sooner you realize your mom was right when she said to get your work done first, the sooner you realize that those fun things will be more enjoyable with the weight of responsibility off your chest.

5. If you’re really that bored, clean your room.

This one still gives us middle school flashbacks, but it turns out mom was right; a tidy space equals a tidy mind. With a clean, organized surrounding, you’ll be more productive.

6. Mean girls aren’t worth your time.

They just aren’t. As you grow up, you realize that they really were just insecure, jealous, and trying to deal with their own problems. It’s good to note that mean girls never truly go away, their tactics just change, so keep this token in the forefront of your mind, always.

7. Always make time for reading and writing.

It might have seemed silly when your mom made sure you wrote in a journal and read a chapter everyday in the summer, but she was preparing you to have a lifelong hobby that will keep you learning. Finding something you’re interested in and investigating it will keep your mind sharp.

8. Don’t slouch.

This one is a given, because bad posture can lead to unnecessary back pain. Having good posture also eludes confidence.

9. Be kinder to your siblings.

Fighting with your older brother and sister over little things isn’t worth it, mom was right…more right than you can imagine. You hate that it’s true, but one day they will be the only family you have left, so treat them well — the love will shine through the bad.

10. Learn to be a good judge of character.

The faster you learn who to trust and who not to trust, the stronger your support system of friends will be. Learning this lesson will save you unneeded drama and heartbreak.

11. Always moisturize.

Getting in the habit of taking care of your skin is so important. At the end of the day when you just want to crawl into bed, listen to your mom’s voice inside your head telling you to take your makeup off, cleanse, tone and moisturize.

12. Take a jacket or cardigan.

Movie theaters, malls, and nights when it’s not exactly warm and not it’s not exactly cold—theses are all times when your mom nagged you to bring an extra layer for when it got chilly. Without fail, mom was right, wasn’t she?

13. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Sometimes biting our tongue is the safest option, and no one taught you better than your mom. You’ll find that people are attracted to those who radiate positivity, so keep those sassy, negative remarks to yourself.

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14. High school isn’t the best 4 years of your life.

High school may have seemed like everything that would ever matter in the world to you at the time, but when you look back now, you realize how little effect it actually had on anything you’re presently doing.

15. Always write a thank you note.

Whether it’s an actual handwritten letter after receiving a gift, or a follow-up email after a job interview, thanking others will never go out of style. You will be remembered as one who is thoughtful and genuine by doing this, and who doesn’t want that?

16. You can find that cheaper at Target.

Decorating your first apartment in West Elm and Pottery Barn may seem exciting, but on a college student’s budget, sometimes the most practical option is to stock up at Target. It may not be super glamorous, but you’ll thank your mom when you have extra cash in your wallet.

17. If you’re different, you’re lucky.

Admit it – when you were young, anything about yourself that made you stand out, you hated. Now that you’re older, you know those things that made you different make you unique. Appreciate your quirks for making you who you are!

18. Not everybody has your best interest at heart.

When it comes to friends, quality over quantity holds true. The days of elementary school when you were friends with someone because you both had the same brand of glue in your pencil case are long gone. Not everyone is good, so pick your friends wisely.

19. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

This golden rule applies to your entire life. Your mom told you to think of others before yourself because being selfish all of the time won’t get you as far, and we bet you’re glad she did.

20. You’ll understand when you’re older.

The truest one of all. Thanks, mom!
Do you know of any other times mom was right? Share in the comments below!
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Hallie Saculla

Hallie Saculla is a senior at Kent State University where she is majoring in Magazine Journalism with a Fashion Media minor. A retired pageant girl at heart, she loves reading, shopping, and hiking. With a high value on international travel, Hallie hopes to one day live abroad and work in the fashion industry.

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