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20 Thoughts You Have During Recruitment

20 Thoughts You Have During Recruitment

If you are going through recruitment, you have signed up for one of the longest weekends of your life. Here are only some of the thoughts that will go through your head.

Before Recruitment

1. Am I dressed right?

2. Did I remember to brush my teeth?

3. What if no one asks me back?

4. Why did I ever think doing this was a good idea?

5. Everyone seems to know someone in my rush group but me.

6. I am so nervous!


During Recruitment

7. Didn’t they ask me that question? Or was that another girl?

8. My face hurts from smiling so much.

9. I wonder if they like me?

10. What group is this… Delta Phi something or is it Phi Delta? Who really knows!?

11. I am so over this, I just want to be done!

12. How many more times do I have to switch tables?


13. Should I order a pizza when I get back?

After Recruitment

14. I am so glad that is over!

15. I have never wanted to put sweatpants on so badly in my life!

16. I never thought I would ever get tired of talking about myself!

17. I never want to answer a question about myself again!

18. When do I actually become a member? Now I think of a question I could’ve asked!

19. Now that it is all over I kind of want to do it again.

20. I cannot wait to be a sorority girl!!


Featured image source: sororitystylista.