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20 Thoughts We All Have While Packing For College

20 Thoughts We All Have While Packing For College

It’s mid-August, so packing season is well underway. Some are packing for their first year of college, making sure to bring everything they could possibly ever need. And others are being more diligent with their packing, especially if they are going abroad for the year (like me). It appears that packing is more fun than unpacking; however, both are extremely stressful. Luckily, we are rewarded with relief when everything is in place (several hours later…). Here are 20 thoughts we all have during this hectic time at the end of our summer while packing for college.

1. I can’t wait for the school year to start!

Packing can’t help but make us excited. A brand new school year with lots in store. New friendships, new adventures, new classes, a new environment. Packing is the first step towards getting there.

2. These new items are going to look great in my dorm room.

There’s no doubt that you’re always on the look for a great piece to decorate your dorm or apartment with. The items in your Hobby Lobby, PB Teen, Urban, Target, and Pier 1 Imports bags are sure to make an appearance in your dorm.


3. Why am I packing again right now?

Wait. It’s August right now?! Feels like summer just started… I shouldn’t be packing yet.

4. Another episode of Netflix won’t hurt…

Procrastination begins before the school year does. We need breaks while we pack, and Netflix is our calling.



5. Am I bringing too much?

The answer is most likely, yes, but that’s okay. Keep in mind that less is more when packing for college! All you really need are clothes, school supplies, and toiletries.

6. Am I bringing too little?

The answer is most likely no, even though it may seem like yes. Think about what you use every day and could not live without!

7. What am I forgetting?

It’s easy to forget stuff while packing no matter if you do it all at once or if you come back to it again and again. Luckily, care packages are a thing, and your parents will be more than happy to send one.


8. Why do I even have this?

Packing encourages us to go through our closets. You’ll find stuff that you don’t know why you own, and that’s when making a Goodwill bin is an excellent idea.

9. Will I ever wear this again?

If no, toss it into your Goodwill pile. You certainly don’t need to be bringing it to college.



10. Where’s my mom?

Moms seem to have the whole packing thing down. If you’re struggling with packing, mom’s the go-to person for assistance.

11. Are these clothes even cute?

What was cute a few years ago may not be cute anymore. Time to toss.

12. Do I have enough ‘going out’ clothes?

Yeah, you have plenty of college apparel, jeans, sweatpants, leggings. How about dresses for going to the local bar? Or to a frat/mixer on the weekend? If not, a budgeted trip to Forever 21 might not hurt…


13. Should I buy new underwear?

It’s college. You don’t know who’s going to be seeing your undies. If you don’t have ones that are cute and sexy, VS is the place to be (but make sure to pack undies for that time of the month too).

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14. Is it okay to bring my blankie?

Yes! I can’t sleep without mine, and I don’t care that I’m 18.


15. This isn’t all going to fit in the car/in my suitcase.

Yes, it will. It’ll just take some creativity.

16. What are my favorite snacks?

Favorite snacks are a must-have in your dorm. They’ll bring comfort and happiness during times of stress.

17. I should eat before/after I start packing.

Packing is tiring. Treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner out!


18. I wonder what my friends are packing.

It’s fun to FaceTime friends while packing for college, but remember: your needs are different than theirs, so don’t compare too much!

19. What shoes do I mind not being trashed?

You will need shoes (and clothes) you don’t mind being ruined. Have you taken a careful look at the floor of a frat on a Friday night?

20. Can I sneak my dog/cat in?

We all wish we could bring our beasties to college with us. Unfortunately, we can’t. We can only hope they’ll remember us when we return.


Yes, packing for college can be a pain, but everyone has to do it. Just think of it as the start of a new adventure, which is what life’s really all about. So embrace packing and have a spectacular year at school!

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