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20 Thoughts I Have When I Do Homework at Scribbles

Ah, Scribbles. The coffee shop all Kent State students know and love. Its cute location in downtown Kent is the perfect spot for a caffeine boost and study space. Keep reading for 20 thoughts I always have when I do homework at Scribbles!

1. I can’t wait to just sit and get stuff done- so much to do, so little time.

2. How is this parking lot so muddy? It hasn’t rained in a month!

3. Okay I’m only going to be here for two hours this time…

4. Wow this line is pretty long…

5. …At least I have time to figure out what I want.

6. Well I’m up and I still don’t know what I want so I guess I’ll go with the Black Squirrel, it always seems to wake me up.

7. Oh crap, I almost forgot my Scribbles card.

8. Two more coffees until I get a free one!

9. Ugh, the baristas are so stinking nice.

10. I wish I worked here.

11. Should I sit in the back or the front today?

12. OMG this Black Squirrel coffee was definitely the move.

13. But why am I shaking?

14. At least I’m getting everything done.

15. The people here are so cute… I think I spend more time people watching than doing homework.

16. I wonder how long that chick has been doing homework here for.

17. Which book should I take from the wall before I leave today?

18. Holy sh** I’ve been here for FIVE HOURS.

19. Oh well, totally worth it.

20. I love that everything I own smells like coffee now.

What other thoughts do you have at Scribbles? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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Breanna Ganuelas

Breanna Ganuelas is a junior Communication Studies major with two minors in Public Relations and Public Communication. When she isn't doing classwork she is hanging out with her Delta Gamma sisters and staying active in various on- and off-campus activities. Outside of Kent State, Bre loves traveling, reading, laughing, adventuring, working out, volunteering, and just goofing off.

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