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20 Thoughts Everyone Has During Finals Week

20 Thoughts Everyone Has During Finals Week

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Finals are coming and will be here before you know it! That’s right, the most dreadful part of the year is upon us. Staying up all night studying and spending long days in the library is something every college student looks forward to all semester, naturally. While studying, so many things go through our heads. Here are 20 thoughts everyone has while studying for finals.

1. Do I really need to study?

Does this really matter in the scheme of things?

2. When did we learn this?

Did we even learn this at all!?


3. Is the exam cumulative?

Please say no. I’m only studying the second half regardless.

4. What’s the lowest grade I can get to still pass?

Maybe a B? Could I slide with a C? What about a good old D?

5. Is there a study guide?

I need guidance.


6. I won’t procrastinate this time.

I promise.

7. I can’t do this.

I’m dropping out.

8. Wow, it’s such a nice day. I should enjoy it.

It hasn’t been sunny in a week. This is a necessity.


9. What else can I find to sufficiently distract me?

10. I’m just going to take a quick break.

11. I’ll just watch one episode.

Or binge-watch just one season (series).

12. I’m hungry.

Maybe I should eat. I can’t study on an empty stomach, right?

13. Now is the perfect time to work on my summer body.

All of a sudden, I feel so motivated to hit the gym.


14. Wait, this is starting to make sense.


15. Just kidding, I’m doing it all wrong.

That was short-lived.

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16. I bet everyone is going to fail this exam.

Finals week can’t just be my problem. We’re all in this together.

17. I don’t even need to know this for my major.

What is the point of any of this?

18. My brain is going to explode.

What more can I do?


19. I’ve studied enough, I’m going to bed.

There’s only so much my brain can absorb. Goodnight, people.

20. It’s all up to fate now.

During finals week, we must look to higher powers.



What other thoughts do you have during finals week? Comment below!

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