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20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Maine

1. You know how drastically the weather can change.

From season to season or even day to day – winter in Maine means -10º one day followed by 45º the next.

2. Depending on the season, 45º can be a completely different temperature.

45 degrees in October = 4 layers consisting of 2 sweatshirts and 2 jackets

45 degrees in April = short and flip flops

3. You don’t need to text and drive.

Because you probably can’t get 4G or even 3G on your way up North.

4. When you live in or near Portland, you learn to park the hard way.

You pull up to a curb and there are five different signs explaining when you can’t park in that spot, and you can’t figure out whether you can park there that day or not, so you end up just going to the nearest parking garage.

5. You know a good beer.

Maine is home to some of the best breweries and if you’re over 21, you grow accustomed to good beer quite quickly.

6. We may not agree with people from Massachusetts on many things but there’s always the accent.

You pronounce summer as summah, and beaver as beavah, oh yeah and then you’ve got the rollah queen tryin’ not to fall in the sewah…

7. It’s “the way life should be.”

Maine’s unofficial motto is quite debatable.


8. You have relatives everywhere.

Most likely, if you look back far enough, you’re going to be related to 80% of your graduating class.

9. You’ve lined your garden with human hair.

The deer won’t go in if you have enough, or at least that’s what grandpa believed.

10. You know the name game and love to play it.

When a Mainer meets another Mainer for the first time, the Name Game will not be stopped until both parties have found at least one person who they both know or with whom they’ve had some kind of interaction. And when found, that person will be the primary topic of conversation.

11. Everyone smiles at each other.

Passing on the streets or meeting up with someone in the woods, it doesn’t matter whether you know them or not, you shoot them a quick smile.

12. Camp is nothing spectacular.

It’s a rundown cabin in the middle of nowhere, but you can really connect with yourself out there ‘cause there’s nothing else to do.

13. Some people never leave.

You know people who’ve never left, even if just for a vacation.

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14. Others can’t wait to leave.

The moment they turn 18, you’ll find them traveling the world or working to rebuild their life in Florida.

15. You understand the real reason to wear Carhartt’s.

They’re warm, not because you bought them at some thrift store and they’re “in” right now.


16. Swimming’s your favorite pastime.

You’ll swim in any body of water, no matter how dark, cold or questionable.


17. Red Hot Dogs

You know what they are and you’re willing to eat them.

18. You went to school in a trailer.

Your school probably had a major lack of funding and had portable classrooms at some point.

19. Learning to drive was nothing.

You drove a riding lawn mower around for years before you could go for your license, so you’re such a pro – but still probably couldn’t pass on your first try.

20. Distance is measured in hours, not miles.

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Tracy Calder

Tracy goes to Southern Maine Community College where she is working on a double major in Criminal Justice and Education. She plans on transferring to earn a bachelors in Criminal Justice in the Spring of 2017. Her hobbies include listening to music, drawing and bonfires with friends on the beach.

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