20 Things You Only Understand If You’re From New York


The empire state is a wonderful place filled with many beautiful areas, mouth-watering food and crappy sports teams. If you have never visited, you HAVE to go. But for those of you who reign from New York and call it home; here are 20 things you can probably relate to.

1. People always assume “New York City.”

If you meet somebody from a different state and you say you’re from New York, they ALWAYS assume you’re talking about NYC. Guys, some people who live in New York state have never even been to Manhattan; NY is huge!

2. Chicken wings. Good chicken wings.

Duffs and Anchor Bar will make you realize how good chicken wings can actually be. You know that mild means medium and medium means hot and that hot means extra hot. And the hottest wings, be prepared to cry.



3. Not knowing what it is like to have a professional team win a championship.

The Buffalo Bills and the Sabres haven’t won in a long time. But no matter how many times we lose, our fans are still loyal. Even if it kills us.



4. Wegmans.

This classier Walmart-type super-center shocks people as they enter the store for the first time. Who knew one store could have groceries, candy, books, magazines, sushi bars and so much more.




5. Mighty Taco over Taco Bell.

These delicious tacos are local to Buffalo, but once you go mighty, you will never go back.




6. “Are there real sponges in sponge candy?”

This eye-rolling question will make you groan each and every time. The seasonal chocolate is to die for and you can never go without it.


7. Everything north of Long Island is considered upstate.

At least to anyone who lives on Long Island. In reality, there is Downstate New York, Upstate New York, Western New York, Northern County and Hudson Valley.


8. The Adirondacks are the place to go for a hike.

46 mile high peaks make for great weekend activities if your from New York.


9. Snow. So much snow. Snow everywhere.

16 inches of snow overnight isn’t enough to cancel school in Buffalo, but is enough to shut down New York City.





Billy Fuccillo is responsible for making sure that no one can simply say, “it’s huge.”


You probably only understand this if you're from New York!

11. The Soda vs. Pop debate is never-ending.

A small portion of people in New York say pop while pretty much everywhere else in the country, people say soda.

12. Potatoes that are boiled in three cups of salt taste the best.

Sounds gross, but once you taste them, you will always want them.


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13. Apple picking and cider donuts are the best thing to do in the fall.




14. Learning to ride the subways and knowing the public bus routes by heart at a young age is the norm.

Particularly for people in New York City.

15. Not racing to get your driver’s license when you turn 16 when living in New York City is also normal.


16. Fresh bagels or no bagels.

There is no in between.



17. Train = Subway

When people say “train,” 99% of the time they are talking about the subway.

18. Time Warner Cable is the only cable company that you can name off the top of your head.

19. We do not call New York City the big apple.

You are immediately labeled as a tourist when you mention, “the big apple.”




20. Tim Hortons isn’t just in Canada.

Tim Hortons is the place to go instead of Dunkin’ Donuts.



Have something else only people from New York would understand? Share in the comments!

Featured image source:  morninghustler.tumblr.com