20 Things You Only Understand If You’ve Had The Same BFF For 10 Years

If you’ve had the same best friend for 10 years or more, you’ve reached a level of profound friendship that not everyone is lucky enough to experience. You and your BFF made it through the innocent years of elementary school together, the hell years of middle school, the growing-into-your-personality years of high school, and now, the adult years of college. If you’ve had the same BFF for 10 years, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these 20 things!

1. The amount of inside jokes you two have that just cannot be comprehended by any other people.

You’ve been collecting inside jokes since you were pre-teens. By this point, your jokes have even evolved into code words and a new language. You’ve probably even adopted to each other’s way of speaking.

2. Your best friend knows you better than you know yourself.

And why wouldn’t she? She’s gotten pretty familiar with you after a decade.

3. You two have absolutely no boundaries.

Your best friend has seen your very best and worst self. She’s been there to celebrate your happiest moments and to help you through your hardest moments, and you’ve done the same for her.


4. You know you can make it through any challenge or fight.

There isn’t anything that you can’t overcome together because nothing is worth getting in the way of a friendship that’s lasted this long.

5. You know the whole history of every relationship your friend has ever had.

And you’re the first person to give her a friendly reminder of her past heartache when she’s thinking about getting back together with a lame ex-boyfriend.

6. Similar to #5, you recall incidents with your same BFF from 3, 5, 10 years ago, embarrassing details and all.

…To help each other with current situations. No more history repeating!

7. A piece of you is actually missing without her.

8. Your best friend plays many roles in your life beyond being the same BFF.

She’s your go-to person, your soul sister, your confidante, your wing woman. Eventually, she’ll even be your maid of honor.

9. Many people who know you and your BFF, know you as a pair.

It throws people through a loop when they see you separately.

10. You’ve seen each other’s ugly-cry.

Ugly-cry over movies, family, and boys. No need to be ashamed of tears in your friendship.

11. She’s always there to give you style advice.

After all, she’s witnessed all of your bad haircuts and outfit choices. She knows what looks best on you and is honest with you about it.

12. You get each other the best gifts since you know each other’s tastes and preferences so well.

13. You are comfortable sitting in silence for long amounts of time or doing nothing when you hang out.

There isn’t any pressure to be entertaining—you both have fun no matter what.

14. Your best friend is a big part of why you try new things.

She makes you go outside of your comfort zone, and while you may be hesitant sometimes, you’re always happier after another adventure together.

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15. You’re close with each other’s families.

Besides parents and siblings, you’ve also kicked it with each other’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Your family is her family.

16. You two don’t have to talk every day to remain close.

Every time you do talk, you pick up right where you left off.

17. You have oodles of unflattering pictures of each other, many of which are confidential.

…And you’re not allowed to show anyone else.


18. Your best friend watches all of the movies other people won’t watch with you.

As well as the quirky music you listen to.

19. Your same BFF goes to events you’re interested in that you don’t have a date for.

She is the best plus one to any wedding.

20. You can’t imagine your same BFF not ever being your same BFF.

You know what weirdos each other can be, and you love each other anyway. What would you do without each other?

What are some other things you definitely only understand if you’ve had the same BFF for years? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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