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20 Things You Only Understand If You’re A Twin

I wouldn’t trade growing up with my twin brother for the world. There’s a special bond twins have that most other people don’t completely understand. Whether you’re a twin who can relate to this article, or you’re not a twin and want to learn more about what it’s like to be one, I hope you enjoy my insight. I’ve sure enjoyed living the twin life. Here are 20 things you only understand if you’re a twin.

1. Your twin is your better half, but you’re also a fiercely independent person.

Yes, you feel like your twin’s a part of you, but you hate when other people act like you’re the same person.

2. Because they are a part of you, you take any insult against your twin as a personal insult against yourself.

Which I realize somewhat contradicts what I just said in #1, but that’s how us twins really work. It’s complicated.


3. You have a built in best friend.

Lots of times you choose to just hang out with each other, rather than go out and socialize.
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4. If you’re a twin, you guys have endless amounts of inside jokes.


5. Twin telepathy is real.

It just doesn’t work the way people think it does. You can’t randomly tell what your twin is thinking at any moment of the day. However, if you and your twin see or hear something at the same time, you can tell you’re both thinking the exact same thing about the situation, without either one of you having to say much.

6. When your twin telepathy is off, it’s like you’ve lost a sixth sense.

7. Because of your twin telepathy and all the unspoken conversations, other people often have no idea what you two are talking about.

8. People compare you two all the time.

Whether you’re identical or fraternal, same gender or not same gender, people will always find something to compare.

9. You’re extremely overprotective of your twin.

Like how siblings are protective of each other, but times 10.


10. You sometimes confuse your twin’s memories with your own.

“Was that me or you that fell off the horse when we were four?” After all the re tellings and muddled memories you really don’t know anymore.

11. You have a nickname that is a combination of both your names.

People have been using it to reference both of you for a long time, kind of like a couple name, but for twins.

12. If you’re a twin, you’ve known the meaning of teamwork ever since you were kids.

And had to share your toys and birthdays.

13. Your mom will pull the twin card as much as you do.

The reason why she was tired for three years straight was because she had twins. The reason why the house isn’t clean anymore is because she had twins.

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14. Twin fights are the worst.

The person you’re the closest to also makes you the most angry.

15. You don’t feel physical pain when your twin is in pain.

That’s a myth, at least from my experiences. But what you do feel is intense, personal, emotional pain when your twin is hurt.

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16. You’re each other’s biggest supporters in everything you do.

You’ll never have a bigger fan.


17. You’ve always got each other’s backs.

Even when you need an on the spot alibi for where you were last night to your parents, your twin will never let you down.

18. You know you’re incredibly blessed to have a twin.

19. There’s not an evil and a good twin.

Usually you’re both a little of both.

20. Your twin was the first person whose happiness you cared about more than your own.

And you still do.

Have any other signs you’re a twin? Comment below!

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