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20 Things You Understand If You’re Obsessed With Naruto

20 Things You Understand If You’re Obsessed With Naruto

First, let it be said that I only started watching Naruto recently – as early back as this past February, I think. And I’ve gone through the first 4 seasons, along with the first season and a half of Shippuden. I never read the manga either, so this list is completely down to what has stood out to me personally, and what I’ve latched onto while watching it. That, along with what I’ve been exposed to through my friends. But here are some things you can probably relate to if you’re obsessed with Naruto.

1. Naruto is an overly hyper puppy, and he is bae.

2. Sasuke tries to be the cool kid, and is also bae.

3. Sakura can be annoying, but is a boss that no one should mess with.

4. Shikamaru is a college student and just as jaded as the rest of us.

5. Orochimaru is awesome but he needs to keep his tongue in his mouth.

6. I may not know what Kakashi looks like, but he’s still a boss.

7. It’s painful hearing Naruto call Jiraiya “Pervy Sage” in the dub.

8. Deidara’s hand-mouth things will never not be weird. How do they make noise? Do they have vocal chords too? Are they connected to his lungs?

9. Akamaru would be the best pet ever.

10. The chibi are great.

11. Ramen is life.

12. Baby Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya were adorable.


13. The way everyone essentially steals money from Naruto is awful.

14. Kiba and Akamaru are the perfect depiction of a person and their pet.


15. Gaara, Kankuro and Temari have a great family dynamic – and I love how much Kankuro tries to take care of Gaara.

16. While I may not have read the manga, I have seen it – and the anime will never come close to meeting the beauty of some of those drawings.

17. Naruto’s dedication while training, especially in Shippuden, is enviable.

18. The Anbu are badass – badassery in its purest form.


19. Everyone has their favorite theme song, and if you’re obsessed with Naruto, it’s impossible not to sing along – even when you don’t know the words.

20. Naruto and Sasuke are meant to be.


Have anything else to add to this list of things you understand ONLY if you’re obsessed with Naruto? Comment below!

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