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20 Things You Understand If You’re New To The Single Life

20 Things You Understand If You’re New To The Single Life

Living the single life ain’t easy- especially when you’re new to it. We’ve all been there, trust me. But living the single life doesn’t have to be so hard! Keep reading for 20 things you only understand if you’re new to the single life!

1. You hate every couple.

It’s like everyone is trying to rub it in your face that you’re alone and that they are having the time of their lives shoving chocolate covered strawberries into each other’s mouth.

2. PDA makes you vomit or cry.

You’re just trying your best to live your life and these two inconsiderate, horny toads of people just decide to dry hump the hell out of the other in front of you without warning. Don’t think of your ex and your old make out sessions, you were better than that! (Hopefully.)


3. You block your ex on everything but still search their name in the search bar on IG/FB/Twitter etc.

Making that move is critical for moving on, but we all know that you search their name while you’re in the bathroom “peeing.”

4. You “treat yourself”.

…By going out shopping and try to reinvent yourself with new pieces of clothing that you felt like you couldn’t wear when you were with your ex.

5. Your Spotify playlists went from super romantic to super Miss Independent.

You start to crave that inner girl power and Queen Bey does just the trick. You also can’t listen to Ed Sheeran without crying.


6. You try to be super happy and pumped at social gathering with your friends so that people don’t ask you about the breakup.

Ultimately at the end of the party, you end up venting to someone about it anyways.

7. You have a period where all your hard work doesn’t pay off at all.

You wake up, and you think of them. You all of a sudden remember each little detail and begin to think “What if” or convince yourself that the break up was somehow all your fault. It’s not. And if it actually was, you’re going to be okay. Give yourself a break. You deserve this time to be in mourning.

8. You start trying new things that you didn’t have time for when you were in a relationship.

9. You connect with the people who love you unconditionally.

Your family and friends have your back, so let them be there for you.


10. You motivate yourself to accomplish a goal that you’ve been putting off for awhile.

You want to get that beach bod or that tight booty? Work for it, girl!

11. You indulge into one of your passions and you begin to love little things about yourself.

You are an incredible, beautiful and worthy individual. Love, love, love yourself.

12. You begin to get into a new routine and you love it.

Routines feel good and are comforting, you had one with your ex but the fact that you have one for yourself, is pretty awesome.


13. You appreciate your girlfriends (or guy friends).

It may seem super cliche to call in a girl’s/guy’s night but it is so much fun. These people love you and will be your chicks before dicks or bros before hoes forever.

14. You take yourself to dinner or lunch for one.

You’ve heard of people taking themselves out to a nice place just for themselves but never really had the lady balls to do so. Now you finally do it, and it’s exhilarating and not sad at all. It’s empowering.

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15. You accept your break up.

Maybe you get closure or maybe you don’t, but at this point you’ve accepted that you and your ex are over. It’s a weight lifted off your shoulder and an indication that you can finally move forward without going back.

16. You begin to realize your worth and note what you want in a partner.

The last one wasn’t right for you, so you take in everything they did that you can not have in the next. And you take in everything they did that you’d like again in the next. Ultimately, you deserve the world; don’t settle.

17. You stop worrying about what your ex is doing right now or just their opinion in general.

If they still follow you on Instagram, you post that hot selfie for you and NOT them. You look hot, girl. They don’t deserve to even breathe the same air as you.


18. You try again.

You think things over and realize that you want to try dating or hooking up, whatever feels right to you in the moment. Sometimes the people are really great but other times they’re awful. It’ll hurt but try not to get too attached, especially on dating apps.

19. You stop being anti-love around your friends who are in relationships.

It’s hard, yes, but when you’re happy like them you’d want to hold on to every bit of the goodness. Unless your best friend is dating an abusive asshole, GET THEM OUT OF THERE.

20. Lastly, you fall in love with you.

You love yourself the way Kanye loves Kanye. This is the most important stage of being in the single life. You can not be in a relationship unless you love yourself first.


What are some other things only those who are living the single life understand? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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