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20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Mass

20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Mass

You definitely aren't from Massachusetts unless these 20 things make sense to you.... Here are things you'll only understand if you're from Mass.

You definitely aren’t from Mass unless these 20 things make sense to you….

1. If you’re from Mass, you are Boston Strong.

2. Not everyone here has an accent.

3. You learn to root for the Red Sox before you learn to count.

4. Boston sports teams are the best in the world and you will never be convinced otherwise (don’t even mention the Yankees if you value your life).

5. You remember the 2004 World Series vividly and have seen Faith Rewarded at least 10 times.

6. If you’re from Mass, you’ve definitely vacationed on the Cape.

7. You use the word “wicked” to describe most things.

8. You “bang a u-ey” often, sometimes in the middle of the road.

9. You “bang a left” as soon as the light turns green.

10. If you’re from Mass, you know crosswalks are for amateurs, so you just walk out wherever you want.

11. Western Massachusetts is way more than just Worcester. Worcester isn’t even Western Massachusetts to people who actually live in the West.

12. It’s either called a bubbler or a water fountain.

13. It’s Dunks, Dunkies, or Dunkin’ and it basically runs through your veins.

14. If you’re from Mass, you can pronounce Worcester, Gloucester, Haverhill, Leominster, and Dedham flawlessly.

15. You went on field trips to the Salem Witch Trials, Hancock Shaker Village, and/or Sturbridge Village.

16. You’ve taken a class trip to the Freedom Trail and most likely had to recite “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” at least once in your life if you’re from Mass.

17. You get confused when people talk about I-90 because you always take “the Pike.”

18. The struggle is real when driving from exit 2 to 3 (the worst 29 miles of the Pike).

19. You’ve gone to Tanglewood to picnic on the lawn on July fourth and to see James Taylor sing in concert (and you scream when he sings about the Berkshires in “Sweet Baby James”).

20. You have the most insane pride for your state and you boast of your hometown’s excellence simply because it’s in Mass.

What are other things you’ll only understand if you’re from Mass? Share in the comments below!
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