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20 Things You Only Understand If You Watched Gilmore Girls Growing Up

20 Things You Only Understand If You Watched Gilmore Girls Growing Up

Like many of you, I loved watching Gilmore Girls growing up, and I have rewatched the series several times at different points in my life. While my reactions to plotlines have changed over time, one thing never changes: I am still in love with the show. For its Netflix revival currently being filmed, I have rounded up a list of 20 things you only understand if you watched Gilmore Girls growing up.

1. Binge watching before binge watching was a thing.

You know, back when you had to rent the DVD sets or borrow them from the library.

2. Being in love with one of Rory’s boyfriends.

You and your friends probably all had a different favorite, but you were willing to defend your stance passionately. I was a Jess girl, myself.


3. Your heart breaking for Rory when Jess gets on the bus without saying goodbye, and again when she weeps on the bathroom floor over Logan.

4. Knowing Luke is the one for Lorelai.

Is there really even any competition?

5. Realizing Christopher is the worst.

Besides being a deadbeat dad to Rory, he (on multiple occasions) comes between Luke and Lorelai.

6. Having a love/hate relationship with Emily Gilmore, kind of like Lorelai does.

7. Getting defensive of the characters.

You can make a judgmental comment when a character makes a poor decision, but people who didn’t watch the entire series cannot.


8. Attempting to include more wit in your speech, in hopes of becoming an honorary Gilmore.

9. Drinking coffee because of the show.

Your addiction began because of these gals.

10. Experiencing a time that you wanted to be either Lorelai or Rory Gilmore.

11. Thinking your high school experience was a piece of cake, in comparison to Chilton.

12. Wishing your town had fun, unique events like Stars Hollow’s dance marathon and quirky town meetings.

13. Being jealous of Lane’s loose floorboards to secretly hide things under.

You wished you had these.

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14. Having unrealistic expectations for how much junk food you could eat and still look good.

15. Thinking college life was glamorous.

Rory made the college world look effortlessly fabulous. Now you’re living it, and you realize it mostly consists of doing homework and being broke.

16. Expecting dorms to be a lot nicer than they are.

Dorms do not look like Paris and Rory’s place.

17. Thanking your lucky stars when you met your college roommate, and she wasn’t Paris Geller.

18. Being disappointed that there was not a Life and Death Brigade to join at college.

19. Not understanding much of the show’s dirty humor until later in life.

20. Starting Supernatural because Dean Forester instilled in you a love for Jared Padalecki.


Here’s to the Gilmore Girls Netflix reunion!

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