20 Things You Only Understand If You Love Day Drinking

If you are reading this, then I can definitely tell you are one of my people. We understand that day drinking is one of the best things that mankind has created. Our lives will never be boring again! We may not know each other, but we both have a vast understanding on the following things associated with day drinking.

1. You become highly creative.

Day drinking requires you to be sneaky (disguising your booze with everyday containers). We’ve all used our coffee mugs, empty water bottles, bought a hydra pack or even a wine rack to take it to the next level. No matter how you do it, you can definitely agree that day drinking enhances everybody’s creative side.

2. Daily activities become more interesting.

The possibilities are endless, if you spike your coffee, that 9 am class becomes more engaging. If you are going out with your friends it is a guaranteed day to remember.

3. More time + more alcohol = more FUN

Night drinking is limited in the sense that you only have a limited amount of hours to drink ’till the bar closes. With day drinking you get to drink from your morning coffee all the way to the end of the night. You can drink for 15 hours straight if you have the strength to do so; the possibilities are endless.

4. End early? No hangover.

Sure, some days you will set out on a quest to drink for 15 hours straight, but most of the time you’ll end early. Night drinking wears you out and the rest of the weekend you feel tired, but with day drinking you can enjoy all the fun and have no repercussions. You’ll definitely wake up fully rested and ready to work or head to class the next day.

5. One word: Mimosas

One of the many perks of day drinking is the refreshing drinks that come with it. I think we can all agree that brunch cocktails beat tequila shots any day.

6. Drunk naps are the best naps.

If you are at the bar at night and see someone sleeping, you know right away that said someone had too much to drink. If you see this scenario during the day at the quad, then that person is just taking a nap. One of the perks of day drinking is that nobody knows about it except you and your squad. If you are planning to drink again at night, naps are definitely a must!

7. Hot outside? Drink. Cold outside? Drink.

The weather is a big factor in why we day drink; if it’s too hot outside, there is nothing better than a cold beer. If it’s too cold outside, there is nothing better to warm you up than the comforting heat of vodka down your throat. Once you start feeling buzzed, the 20 degree weather feels like nothing.

8. No need to dress up.

No need to wear heels or rock your winged eyeliner, the magic behind day drinking is that you get to do the things YOU want to do. The more comfortable you feel the better your day will be.

9. On a budget? No problem!

Take advantage of all the happy hours at multiple bars. You will feel like you are balling all night.

10. Day holidays serve as the perfect excuse to day drink.

Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and many others are the perfect excuse to drink up and party all day and all night!

11. You love sports for an entirely different reason.

Sporting events are optimal for day drinking. Pregame for the game, drink during the game, celebrate the win or even forget about the defeat with a few drinks. No matter what type of game it is you can always cheer louder when you are drunk.

12. So many drinking games.

Beer Pong, card games, movie games, drink-every-time-you-see-a-kid-cry-in-the-city games; the possibilities are seriously endless. (For some ideas, check out this article from Buzzfeed.)

13. You end up eating a lot of junk food.

Pizza, burgers, tacos…you start to not only drink unhealthy things, but eat them. At least its not 4:30 am and you are ordering from Domino’s…

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14. You get up-close and personal with the bartender.

Odds are the bar is not as crowded as it was on Saturday night, which means that you will be able to order away and get the full attention of that cute bartender. No need to push your way through the crowd.

15. The sun is your greatest ally.

Bars are pretty dark inside which means that girls and guys look more attractive. By being outside you get to see everyone as they are (but keep in mind your buzz is probably making them look a little better).

16. You get to see who your fun friends are.

We love our friends, but some are probably more down to go drink with you all day than others…which is fine. But day drinking buddies puts your friendship at a whole new level.

17. You are that friend.

We have all types of friends, but you seem to be the one that cheers people up by drinking together. No matter what the occasion is, you always drag on your squad to the booze.

18. You don’t have boring days because you know the perfect remedy.

Bored today? Nothing that a few drinks, friends and a movie can’t fix.

19. People seem more interesting.

There’s always that one person who you don’t like; their very existence just bothers you. However, you see that same person at the bar and with a few shots in your body you think that person is now the most awesome person in the world. The way you bond with others totally changes your mindset completely.

20. You know that day drinking is the best thing invented by mankind.

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Lexix Rodriguez

Island girl from Puerto Rico! Manhattanville College class of 2019, Double Major in Political Science and Communications with a minor in Psychology. Future Lawyer, journalist and traveler. Hobbies include dancing, gym and hanging out with friends.

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