20 Things You Only Understand If You Dye Your Hair

1. Constantly having your own friends walk right past you.

And it isn’t until they stop and stare at your face that they begin to realize that it’s you.

2. The annoyance of fading colors.

When you dye your hair a beautiful crimson red and literally three days later, it only has a light red tinge. So if you want to maintain the color, you have to re-dye it all the time. Hair color, WHY do you do this?


3. Roots.

The more that your hair grows, the more that your roots grow as well. If they see your natural hair color, your secret is exposed! No one must know that your hair isn’t naturally green!


4. The true meaning of dry hair.

Your hair gets dry after you dye it. And if you dare bleach it, it will feel like hay. What’s the solution? Dumping nine pounds of conditioner on it, but not because you want to. Because you have to.


5. The onslaught of nonstop comments and opinions.

What shade is that? It looks so pretty. I liked it better when it was darker. Maybe I should dye my hair. My mother has the same exact hair color.

6. The assumption that you are a hair color expert.

So because you dyed your hair once, you’re obviously the master of hair color.


7. The importance of color correction.

I once dyed my hair a bright copper orange. I refused to leave the house for five days until I re-dyed it a darker brown.


8. This question, “When will you dye it next?”

I don’t know when I’ll dye it next. I’m living in the moment. Let me enjoy it.


9. This judgment, “That’s not your ‘natural’ color.”

Your hair is pink. Or blue. Maybe even purple. So what? It’s pretty as hell. And it doesn’t say a single thing about you as an individual.

10. The many “funny” phrases associated with hair colors.

You’re not a dumb blonde because your hair is light. And for your information, gingers do have souls.

11. “Will you dye my hair??”

No, I don’t want to dye your hair. I don’t have an obsession with changing the colors of things. Do it yourself.

12. Stains on every piece of clothing…and possibly the sink. Or the tub.

When you assume that you’re careful enough to not get the dye on your t shirt… but end up dousing it.


13. That hair color smell.

Most hair dye doesn’t smell the great, even with every oil ever created.

14. Having to consider your hair color when choosing an outfit.

Have you ever dyed your hair and noticed that your favorite green dress now looks weird with your black hair? UGH.


15. Rocking the mismatched hair-eyebrow look. Arm hair too.

Apparently because your hair is blue, you’re supposed to have blue eyebrows and arm hair?

16. Being expected to have an explanation for why you dye your hair.

You shouldn’t have to explain to anyone why you do what you do. But people always want to know why you didn’t stick with your natural color.

17. The phrase, “You look like someone.”

So being a blonde now makes me look exactly like Kate Hudson? WTF?


18. Realizing that no two pictures of you look the same.

Yeah, I noticed that last year I had three different hair colors. And the year before, I had different colors, too. I have eyes too, remember?

19. The look on people’s face when they find out you dye your hair.

Were you really clueless to think that my hair is naturally indigo?

20. The unwanted suggestions.

No, I don’t need you to tell me what to do with my life, and no I do not want to try the new gray hair trend. Gray hair shouldn’t be a trend for young adults. Sorry not sorry.

Featured image source: mariajosefina.
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