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20 Things You Only Understand If You Were Born To Travel

20 Things You Only Understand If You Were Born To Travel

I’ve had this dream since I was a little girl that I am going to travel the world. I don’t picture myself staying in one place for too long because I want to be out experiencing the enormous and beautiful world we live in. And why not? There is so much to see and do, why would you want to waste your life not doing it?! I understand that traveling and seeing the world isn’t for everyone, but some people were just born to travel. If you are one of those people, then you will understand these 20 things better than anyone else.

1. You’re always planning your next destination.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you are always either on your computer or your phone looking at new places to go and things to do there. Even if you don’t plan on visiting there quite yet, you will already be on the hunt for cheap hotels and flights. Sometimes, you even plan trips instead of doing homework, but I mean come on, it’s just so much more fun to plan a trip to Santorini than to work on an English paper.

2. You will try anything once.

Foods or activities. There are some foods from other countries that your friends might think are repulsive and they would never even put near their mouth, but not you. There are also some things that people might think are dangerous, like bungee jumping or white water rafting, but to you, that’s all the more reason to do it.


3. You look for jobs that allow travel.

Not all jobs offer enough time off to take that month long backpacking adventure through Europe. You’ve probably been researching since you were little about different jobs you can do that allow you enough time to go and travel the world, without affecting your job. Or you just look for a career that travels with you, like Archeology or nature photography.


4. Learning about new places is the best.

If you were born to travel, then you most likely have always found other countries far more interesting than your own. I mean the US is great and all, but other countries have so much more history and so much more to see. In school, you probably wanted to take European history instead of US history – it’s just so much more interesting to learn about other countries.

5. You don’t mind airports.

Other people complain about how it sucks that you have to wake up at 4 am to catch a 7 am flight because it takes so long to get through all the security and check-in points, but I personally don’t mind it. I love sitting at the airport and looking at all the people about to embark on their own adventure. Also, it just means you’re one step close to staring your own. To those who were born to travel, the airport is truly a magical place.


6. A travel playlist is essential.

Come on, how can you not have one? Shouldn’t it be a requirement? Anytime you go back and listen to that playlist, you will think back to all the amazing places you have visited and it will bring back so many feelings. Most of the songs are probably either really chill to set the vibes right, or really upbeat to get you pumped.

7. You can’t be in the same place too long.

How can some people live in the same town their entire life and never feel the need to leave? And how can someone not even own a passport? I (along with anyone who was born to travel) will never understand. You are probably wondering if you really need a permanent home someday – there are so many places you want to live or travel to that having a permanent home would simply be a waste of money (that you could be using to travel). Why waste your life in one place forever?

8. Is there enough time in the world?

There are so many places that you want to go, there is no way there is enough time in the world for you to be able to go everywhere. But, if you plan things out nicely (which you should be a pro at, considering number 1), you will be able to see and experience everything you have ever wanted to.


9. Traveling is always on your mind.

It’s the first thing you think about once you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. You just can’t help thinking about all the amazing places you will go someday.

10. Beach? No thanks.

Even though beaches are great, you can’t imagine spending a week doing nothing at a hotel/resort except going to the beach everyday and tanning. Where’s the fun in that? Sure it’s fun to spend some time relaxing, but it’s more fun to go out and explore the new place you’re in. Spending 7 days in the same place doing the same thing is not your idea of a fun vacation.

11. You don’t mind waiting.

Other people like to complain about how the lines are far too long and that they’re wasting their time, but not you. You don’t mind waiting hours because your flight was delayed. It just gives you more time to get excited about all the amazing things you are going to see and do once you get there.


12. Your bucket list is mostly places you need to visit.

Other people might have a few places on their bucket list but not you, if you were born to travel than you have practically every country on there. Ranging from Australia to Vatican City, there is nowhere that you haven’t thought about adding. Your bucket list is probably super long because not only do you have the countries themselves, but everything that you want to visit while you’re there. And, you will never finish it because there is always something new to add.

13. You willingly spend all your money on traveling.

You probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much money you need to save to go here and do things there. All the money you make, you would rather spend on a plane ticket to Croatia than a dress from Chanel. The experience you get with traveling is worth more the superficial joy of material possessions.

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14. You keep a travel journal.

Everywhere you go, you bring your journal to write down all the things you did and all the places you saw that day. One day, you will read back on it all and the memories will come flooding in. Without a travel journal these memories would probably just disappear.

15. Anytime is the perfect time when you’re born to travel.

At any moment, you could get up and go and have no problem with it. You always want to take a random road trip or fly somewhere interesting. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always the perfect time to travel.

16. You’re optimistic.

Ok, so maybe not 100% of the time, but most of the time, you like to look at the brighter side of things. If you’re going somewhere you have never been to before, you look forward to doing unusual things others might never do. You go into every trip with an open mind and a positive attitude.


17. Curiosity runs in your veins.

Ever since you were little, you were curious about everything – you were born to travel after all. Especially things in other places of the world. You love researching about other countries just to see what they are like. When traveling, you want to find the most interesting and unique places you can. You are always willing to learn more about other parts of the world.

18. Forget 5-Stars.

Who needs a 5-star resort? A cheap hostel or motel will do just fine for you. It’s a lot cheaper and you know that you won’t be spending much time in the room anyway. You will be too busy out and about exploring the new place that you’re in to care about the rating of the place you’re sleeping in. You also know that in the long run, it will save you money that you could use to do other things or go other places.

19. Studying abroad is a dream.

The thought of spending an entire semester or possibly even an entire year in another country makes you so incredibly happy. You spend the first year or 2 of college planning where you want to go and all the things you want to do there and all the other countries you can travel to. You don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to learn in another country.


20. Traveling is basically an addiction.

No matter what, traveling is on your mind and you want to tell anyone and everyone about your love for adventure. And you are perfectly fine with being addicted to something as incredible as traveling because it’s the best way to spend your life and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have anything else to add to the list of things you only understand if you were born to travel? Add it in the comments below!

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