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20 Things To Show Your Pitt Pride

20 Things To Show Your Pitt Pride

It’s no secret that the students at the University of Pittsburgh are known for their school spirit. Students and alumni deck themselves out in blue and gold to represent their beloved panther, and keep the hashtag H2P in their social media bios from enrollment to long past graduation. However, you can show your love for Pitt with more than just the basic t-shirt! Below are 20 unique items that are perfect for sharing your Pitt Panther pride with the world (#13 is my personal favorite)!

1. Pittsburgh Umbrella

Even on the rainy days in Pittsburgh, you can let people know which school is actually the best.

2. Poster of Pittsburgh Campus 

Hang this beauty up in your dorm room or apartment to show off not only your love for Pitt but also your ~artsy~ side.


3. Phone Case

Your mobile devices need love too! A case like this one will keep Pitt with you, no matter where you go.

4. Plush Blanket

Show your spirit while cuddled up watching movies (aka Netflix & Chilling).

5. Wireless Mouse

Connect this mouse with your laptop for a more convenient, and cuter, way to complete your work.


6. Panther Clock 

Any time of day is the right time to “Hail to Pitt!”

7. Cup Sleeve 

Keep your coffee cup looking chic on those early mornings and long nights throughout the semester.

8. Classic Flag

Hung up in a dorm room or apartment, this striped flag will let everyone know you live and breathe Pitt!


9. Wristlet

Keep your cash, ID, and phone safe while on the go with this panther themed wristlet.

10. NCAA Decal

Your heart belongs with Pitt, and your decal should show it.

11. Pendent Necklace 

This cute and simple necklace is a more fashionable way to rep the panthers. It’s small enough to match with any outfit!


12. Classic Felt Flag

Every college student needs one of these retro flags to support their school. Get this panther themed one!

13. Pittopoly! 

What better way to show your love for your school then with a Monopoly game themed specifically for it? Patiently waiting for one of my family members to buy this for me as a dorm-warming gift (that’s a thing, right)?

14. Pillow Case

Add a touch of Pitt to your bedspread!

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15. “Don’t Be A Dick” T-Shirt 

Okay, I know I said earlier there are better ways to support the Pitt Panthers than just with a t-shirt. However, this iconic one deserves to make the list.

16. Tailgate Bluetooth Speaker

Use this speaker to play your music louder and learn all the words to “Sweet Caroline” before the first football game of the fall.


17. Hand Towels

Even when drying your hands or washing your face, your pride for Pitt can still be around.

18. Travel Mug 

Keep your drinks hot or cold whether you’re on or off campus!

19. Picture Frame

Preserve your panther moments within this frame! Your Pitt family deserves recognition just as much as your biological one.


20. Pittsburgh Skyline Art 

Pitt students love Pittsburgh. Display your city pride with this clever print!

Any way is the right way to show your panther pride, these items just might get you a bit more attention. As always, Hail to Pitt!

What is your favorite item to show your Pitt pride? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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