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20 Things To Show Off Your App State Pride

20 Things To Show Off Your App State Pride

20 Things To Show Off Your App State Pride

Whether you are an incoming freshman at App State or are a returning student, you can never show enough school App State pride! These 20 items are sure to help! Keep reading for 20 things to show off your App State pride!

1. Charm Bracelet Bling

Wear your App State pride on your sleeve-literally!

2. Xbox One Controller Skin

What better way to rep App State other than an Xbox One controller cover?



3. PS4 Controller Skin

More of a PS4 player? No worries.

4. Appalachian Flats

How adorable are these?


5. Appalachian State Watch

Another perfect way to wear your pride on your sleeve, and you’ll always know what time it is!

6. Gameday Boots

These are PERFECT for game days!

7. Garden Flag

Don’t have an apartment with a lawn on campus? Bring this Appalachian State flag home and stick it in your parent’s front lawn to rep your App State pride at home!


8. Business Card Holder

If you haven’t found a need to hold your own business cards while in college, you should use it when attending networking events for other people’s business cards!

9. Dinner Placemats

What better way to make your college apartment feel more like home?

10. Inspiration Cube

The perfect desk decor to inspire you while you study.


11. Grill Spatula & Bottle Opener

Could this tool be ANY more convenient for those game day tailgates?

12. Helmet Replica

Another fun App State pride decor piece- whether you play football or are just a huge fan!

13. Pillow

This is the perfect throw pillow for your college dorm!


14. Flag

You couldn’t possibly rep your App State pride without a flag…

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15. Oven Mitt

Again, perfect for a first apartment or a gift for Mom or Dad!


16. Burlap Print Poster

The perfect dorm decor or wall decor for your apartment!

17. Earrings

You will be the most decked-out App State fan there is with these adorable stud earrings.



18. Game Bibs

This hilarious game day attire is sure to get anyone’s App State pride going! You can find it here!


19. Compression Pants

Another perfect item to wear for any App State event, found here!


20. Dog Collar

This is so adorable for ANY furry friend you may have, either at home or in school!

What are some other things students need to show off their App State pride? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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