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20 Things Only Procrastinators Understand

20 Things Only Procrastinators Understand

1. Starting every project thinking, “this time will be different.”

2. Then noticing Netflix minimized in the bottom corner of your laptop screen.

3. And suddenly realizing you haven’t watched Gossip Girl in a while.

4. Damn, that cast is attractive…press pause. Admire.

5. Constantly thinking, “I should really just finish that assignment, I’ve been putting it off for weeks.”

6. Even your teachers begin to ask if you’ve started the assignment.

7. Followed by your friends.

8. Solving life problems is a completely legitimate excuse to avoid work.

9. Although you know you probably won’t solve any life problems. Or do work.

10. But then everything you still have to do hits you all at once.

11. Your brilliant thoughts turn out to be….not so brilliant.

12. Still, nothing…

13. Figuring out plausible excuses for not doing the assignment.

14. Sheepishly admitting to your friends (who have obviously finished the assignment) that you haven’t started.

15. And then finding out that even your fellow procrastinators started.

16. Cue disappointed look from parents and teachers.

17. Avoiding the disapproval by getting lost in social media…and subsequently not getting anything else done.

18. Realizing it’s been so long, that now you’ve forgotten everything you learned in order to actually complete the assignment.

19. Finishing at 4 in a clock in the morning, just enough time to get in three hours of sleep.

20. Questioning: Why would I not want to be procrastinator when I’m so good at it?

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