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20 Things Only People Who’ve Never Been In A Relationship Understand

20 Things Only People Who’ve Never Been In A Relationship Understand

Never been in a relationship? Me either. Here are 20 things that prove it.

1. You are independent AF.

You’ve never really had that one person you could always count on, so you’ve become very comfortable doing things on your own. You are more than capable of zipping up your own dresses, eating alone doesn’t bother you, and you can figure out pretty much any issue by yourself.

2. Jealous and clingy people baffle you.

Seriously, when your friends get really jealous in their relationships you just want to scream at them. Maybe you just don’t get jealous because you’ve never had someone to get jealous over…or maybe your friends are just being ridiculous. Also, the second someone starts to act clingy around you, you want to ask if they’re feeling okay.


3. Never been in a relationship does NOT mean never experienced heartbreak.

So many people like to say, “at least you’ve never had your heart broken,” as a way to either make you feel better or to show that their problems are worse than yours. But this isn’t exactly true. You have had more than your fair share of heart ache and disappointment. The only difference is you were hurt by someone who was never truly yours. So whenever someone does let you down you often feel like you shouldn’t be as upset as you are because you had no reason to expect anything. Not having the title doesn’t save you from the disappointment.

4. As a result, you’re wary about ever getting your hopes up.

If all you’ve ever known is disappointment, then it’s hard to let yourself get excited again. Whenever things seem to be going well in your love life you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop because the good times have never lasted long enough to become something real. Yet, every time a cutie compliments you or texts you for a few weeks, you feel that excited nervousness creep in despite your best efforts. You are constantly reminding yourself that it’s no big deal, and not to overthink everything.

5. You’ve got no time for games at this point.

You have dealt with every type of person under the sun and you are so over it. You’ve learned to be pretty ruthless when it comes to these games because you have lost every time before. The whole “talking” thing is over rated and you have resisted the need to know exactly how they feel because you just don’t have the time for guessing games.


6. Your friends are always trying to set you up. So is your mom.

You fight it every single time and insist you’ll find someone on your own, but somehow you still end up on these arranged, awkward dates.

7. “Don’t worry, it’ll happen soon,” offers no comfort.

You’ve been hearing ‘soon’ for years now and you still have never been in a relationship. How soon is soon? Next week? Next month? Next year? If someone could get a little bit more specific on when ‘soon’ will come, that’d be great.

8. Neither do,

“I bet you’re being saved for someone special,” or “but you’re so great! How have you not had a boyfriend?”

If you had a dollar for every time someone said one of these phrases to you, you’d never have to work again. They’re such cookie cutter compliments that they’ve completely lost all meaning. As for the second phrase, you really don’t how why either.


9. Similarly, “you know, I so wish I were still single,” doesn’t really come off as a show of solidarity.

You’d gladly trade places with whoever is saying this in a heartbeat.

10. You’ve spent way more time than you care to admit wondering why you have never been in a relationship.

You sit there and watch your friends move from relationship to relationship and can’t help but wonder why them and not you. You know there is no shortage of single people out there, and you’ve probably come close to a relationship at one point but nothing works out. It’s really hard not to question yourself when everyone but you seems capable of nabbing themselves a significant other.

11. You have an impressive arsenal of bad date stories.

It ranges from being stood up, to being cat-fished, having food spilled on you to a bad wardrobe malfunction, and everywhere in between. On the bright side, they all become funny after a few days and then you always have a good story to tell at parties.


12. You are eternally third wheeling.

Your friends all seem to be in relationships constantly and there always comes the time when the BFF must meet the S.O. so they bring you on a date with them. Sometimes it’s horribly awkward…

13. But sometimes it’s kind of fun.

After all these years of third wheeling, you’ve learned to make it fun for yourself by messing with your friends’ S.O.. Making inside jokes with your BFF right in front of their date is one of your favorite pass times. And when they inevitably start making fun of each other, you can pick whichever side you want and it’s just as fun.

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14. Your friends in relationships love to live vicariously through your single life adventures.

After all, they can’t go out to the bars or out dancing and make out with as many people as they want, can they? They even encourage your wild and carefree behavior.

15. Family holidays are actually the worst.

Every family holiday the first thing your aunts, uncles, or grandparents ask you is if you’re seeing anyone. And every time the answer remains no. And then comes them offering to set you up with their friends’ kid or something. The whole routine is exhausting.


16. People who have been dating for multiple years truly amaze you.

Seriously, you cannot fathom staying with one person for so long. It’s as big a mystery as Area 51 or your calculus homework and you fear you may never truly get it.


17. You have a lot of “kind of” exes.

There’s the one from work you kind of dated for a month, the one from tinder, the one that never made it past the texting phase; the list goes on. Whenever you refer to one of these people you kind of sort of dated, you’re never sure what to call them. They aren’t exactly exes because you guys never really dated, but they were slightly more than just an acquaintance.

18. You’re incredibly blunt when it comes to giving your friends relationship advice.

Any time a friend complains about their S.O. not treating them right, you’re immediate response is, “leave them.” Having never been in a relationship means you are the ultimate objective observer and your opinions aren’t affected by personal baggage. You’re able to look at everything without bias and give your friends some pretty quality relationship advice.

19. You don’t need validation from other people all the time.

Because you’ve never been in a relationship, you’ve also never had anyone to compliment you everyday or shower you with affection. Therefor, you’ve learned to shower yourself with this affection. You know that you’re fabulous and you don’t let yourself forget it.


20. You’ve learned to ROCK the single life.

While it isn’t always peaches and cream, you have learned to accept being single. You embrace all the free time you have, only shaving when you feel like it, having the bed to yourself, and doing pretty much whatever you want whenever you want.

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