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20 Struggles Only Commuter Students Understand

Commuting to school, whether it be every day or every other day, can be a real drag. The struggle is real; being a commuter student comes well equipped with problems that those who live on campus just simply don’t understand. If you’re a commuter student, this one’s for you!

1. You actually have to wake up early to make it to campus.

Only commuter students know the real meaning of early.

2. You constantly pray your car doesn’t break down on the way to campus.

3. You get gas every couple of days.

You probably spend more money on gas than textbooks!


4. You always get weird looks when you tell someone you commute to school.

5. You’ve had to crash at your friend’s dorm/apartment.

Some days you just really don’t feel like driving home.

6. You often have to explain to your professor that you were late because of traffic.

Which usually triggers the response, “leave your house earlier.”

7. You count every, single minute on your commute.

Because every minute counts when you’re on a time crunch!

8. Finding a parking spot is the most dreadful part of the day.

9. And if you’re running late, you end up parking no where near the building where your class is.


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10. You live out of your car during the week.

11. You want to kill yourself when you realize you left something at home.

Especially when that something is the textbook you need that day’s assignment!

12. You become furious when a professor cancels class at the last minute.

13. Especially if it’s your only class that day.

Is someone going to reimburse me for gas?

14. You have to thoroughly consider if getting involved in college organizations is worth it.

Because, you know, they meet in the evening = commuting home at night.

15. So it’s kind of hard to meet new friends.

16. And sometimes you feel like you’re missing out on the “whole college experience.”

17. You really wish you lived on campus when all you want to do is nap in between classes.

18. So you’re forced to spend time in the library and “study.”

Which turns into your napping sanctuary.

19. You also wish you had a meal plan when you’re hungry.

20. But then again, you have the perks of home-cooked food!

Any other struggles commuter students can relate to? Share in the comments!

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Kourtney Williams

Kourtney is a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University majoring in Communication. She’s obsessed with everything pop culture and hopes to become an entertainment journalist after she graduates!

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