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20 Things NOT Allowed In Texas Tech Dorms (& What To Bring Instead)

20 Things NOT Allowed In Texas Tech Dorms (& What To Bring Instead)

As with most universities, there are certain items that are just not allowed in the dorm rooms on campus. The main reason for items not being allowed is due to safety precautions. While most students are beginning to pack up their belongings and move in to their Texas Tech dorms, it is helpful to know what items are not allowed and what items the students can bring instead! Keep reading for 20 things that are not allowed in Texas Tech dorms and what you can bring instead!

1. Candles.

These are a big no-no in the dorms because of fire hazards. As college students, we can sometimes be forgetful and it would be pretty bad if we forgot a lit candle in our dorm room and cause a fire.

Bring instead: Air fresheners that can be plugged into walls or hung in closets. These are a great alternative to candles and work just as effectively and smell quite nice too!



2. Microwaves over 1500 watts.

You are allowed a microwave in the dorms however, you are not allowed to have high energy use microwaves that are over 1500 watts.


Bring instead: A smaller microwave or just make sure that your microwave is less than 1500 watts. Your dad will most likely know which one is the right one so definitely try to bring him along when getting a microwave.


3. Toasters and Toaster Ovens.

These can cause many problems in the dorms- power outages, heat problems, fire and burn risks, etc. Plus, there’s no need for additional things in an already small dorm room.


Bring instead: There are many alternatives to this. Dining halls often have multiple microwaves and toaster ovens that are available for students to use, or, you can get creative like we did.


4. Large coffee pots/ brewing machines.

College and coffee are pretty much synonyms of one another. You can’t have one without the other. We all constantly need a cup of coffee on our way to class or work and so it is quite convenient and cost-efficient to have and make our own coffee than buy a cup every day. The coffee pot is allowed but it has to be smaller than a capacity of 6 cups.


Bring instead: A small coffee pot or Keurig. Having a small coffee pot means having less coffee at one time but it also means that you’ll have fresh coffee often and not day old coffee from yesterday’s pot.

5. Refrigerators over 3.7 cubic feet.

Again, you are allowed a fridge in your dorm room but of course, it cannot be an overly sized fridge. Your dorm is small enough without having a big kitchen appliance take up half the space.

Bring instead: A small, mini fridge. It works just as well and yes, you will have less space but in the end you’ll realize you won’t even need that much space.



6. Portable dishwasher.

You are definitely not going to need a dishwasher. Your dorm room does not have a personal kitchen, which means that you’ll hardly be doing any cooking. Therefore, no dirty dishes.

Bring instead: Maybe bring a washcloth or kitchen towel so that you can clean your coffee mug or cereal bowl.


7. Portable washer and dryer.

Definitely not going to need your own washer and dryer. There is a community laundry room that is available to all students that live on campus.

Bring instead: Definitely bring your own laundry detergent and dryer sheets so that your clothes will smell fresh and clean. You can also bring a portable drying rack for clothes you don’t want in the dryer!



8. Pets that aren’t fish.

Pets and animals are not allowed in the dorms. Only guide dogs or related domestic service animals are permitted and the housing staff must be notified.

Bring instead: The only exception to this rule is fish. You can bring a fish in a small fishbowl.

9. Knives.

Knives longer than two or more inches are not permitted in the dorms.


Bring instead: Bring plastic cutlery, a small butter knife, or just don’t bring one. You really don’t need a knife in the dorms.


10. Hunting Equipment.

We all have different hobbies and there’s no doubt that hunting and sporting equipment is now big with men and women alike. However, the equipment needed for such activities is now allowed in the dorms.


Bring instead: If it is crucial for you to bring this along then maybe try looking into getting a storage unit so you can keep your things there.

11. Alcoholic Beverages (and/or empty bottles of alcoholic drinks).

Unless you’re 21, then you should definitely not have any alcoholic drinks or bottles in your dorm room.

Bring instead: Just don’t bring alcohol if you know you will get in trouble.



12. Air Conditioners.

Air conditioners are not permitted because there is already air conditioning in the dorms.

Bring instead: You can try bringing a small, personal fan to the dorm. There are fans that can clip onto your desk or a shelf.


13. Nails and Paint.

Many dorms do not allow you to nail things into walls or even paint them. If you do this, you’ll most definitely receive a fine.

Bring instead: Try bringing stick-on hooks or strips of Velcro that can be easily attached and taken off of the things you wish to hang up on your walls.


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14. Drug Paraphernalia.

Not only is this illegal, but also avoid bringing this at all costs because you will be at risk of getting in trouble.

Bring instead: Don’t bring anything drug related.


15. Wireless Routers.

You won’t need your own wireless routers because many, if not all, college campuses have Wi-Fi.

Bring instead: Nothing, your dorm room will have Wi-Fi.



16. Hot Plates.

This is just a fire waiting to happen. Leave it at home.

Bring instead: A microwave (that’s less than 1500 watts, of course).


17. Space Heaters.

Another fire waiting to happen. Your dorm has air conditioning and heating.

Bring instead: Blankets. Good, ole’ fashioned blankets are a great alternative to heaters.



18. Fireworks.

Fireworks. Fireworks are not allowed in the Texas Tech Dorms. Is there really anything else to be said?

Bring instead: Try bringing some Christmas lights or a desk lamp to light up your room.

19. Weapons.

Weapons of any kind are definitely not allowed in the Texas Tech Dorms for obvious reasons.


Bring instead: Don’t bring weapons.

20. Extension cords and multiple plug adapters or power strips.

These are sometimes permitted and sometimes they’re not. Double check to see what the current rules are. These can cause an electricity shock or power outage.

Bring instead: Because these may or may not be permitted depending on the size and quantity, double check to see if you can or cannot bring these items.



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