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20 Things Not Allowed in UA Dorms

20 Things Not Allowed in UA Dorms

20 Things Not Allowed in UA Dorms

A dorm is a home away from home. Students want to feel as comfortable as possible in their own dorms, so most students bring everything they can with them. This is a bad idea. Dorms are small and cramped enough as is. Plus, a number of items are strictly not allowed. Keep reading for 20 things that are not allowed in the UA dorms. Maybe this list will help you to free up some extra space in your dorm!

1. Animals

As much as everyone loves animals, they are not okay to have in your dorm room (or on campus). Considering the fact that you’ll have other roommates and hallmates, barking throughout the night and risking others’ allergies would not be acceptable.

2. Air Conditioners

The University of Alabama provides both air and heat in the dorm room, so bringing your own system is not an option. A fan is okay, but… not the entire air conditioner system.


3. Candles

Candles could be a huge disaster if left on overnight or without supervision. You do not want to burn down your entire building!

4. George Foreman Grills

Grilling is not meant for a dorm room, no matter how small the appliance is. Keep it outside. Because of financial reasons, most students eat out anyways though.. Hint hint *Freshman 15*

5. Portable Heaters

As mentioned in number 2, the school provides both air and heat so there’s no need to bring your own heaters.


6. Illegal Drugs

If underage alcohol or drugs are found on you or in your room, you will have to deal with the consequences. Please do not bring anything that will harm you or anyone else in any way.

7. Weapons

This is very self explanatory. Weapons are not allowed in the UA dorms or anywhere else on campus.

8. Fireworks

There is no reason to have fireworks in your dorm or around campus. They have the potential to create major fire hazards!


9. Refrigerator

Refrigerators are provided by the university. You do not have to bring your own. If you think sharing a fridge with your roommates will be a problem, simply label your items with a permanent marker.

10. Waterbed

There will not be enough space in your dorm room for a waterbed. A twin size bed will be provided.

11. Mattress

A mattress is provided by the University along with the twin sized bed.


12. Electric Skillet

Any type of cooking appliances is prohibited at the University. There are many food places to choose from in the Ferguson Center, so there’s no need to cook.

13. Satellite Dishes

You are allowed to have your own television, but your own cable is a no no. Cable is also provided by the university.

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14. Coffee Mug Electric Warmers

A mug of coffee in the morning for your 8AM class sounds great, but unfortunately, that’s not something you can have. Head on over to the Ferguson Center for your Starbucks coffee to get your day started.

15. Excessive Wall Coverings

One or two posters are fine, but you are not allowed to cover the entire room in UA dorms.

16. Excessive Furniture

UA dorms are very small and cramped, so extra furniture will take up too much space. In other words, certain things that you may want in your room are not realistic.


17. Stereo

Stereos are not prohibited in by the university, but they often create problems with neighbors (or even roommates) if they get too loud.

18. Exercise Equipment

If you want to exercise, head down to the rec for everything you will need. Exercise equipment in your dorm could be dangerous to yourself and others.

19. U-Haul

Moving in or moving out? You will not need a U-Haul truck for the things you’re bringing. It costs money and is very inconvenient for the people around you.


20. Your Parents

Welcome to the real world. You won’t be under your parents’ roof anymore, which means it’s time to take some responsibility. College is all about growing up and leaving your parents at home.

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