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20 Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With TTU

20 Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With TTU

Part of the whole college experience is getting a chance to show off your school pride at any given opportunity. You have your traditional college t-shirts and car decals, and then you have your sweaters and jackets, baseball caps and coffee mugs, and water bottles. These are all great ways to show your school pride but if you are looking for a way to show off your school pride like no one else, check out the following list of unique items. There is a little something in there for everyone who is obsessed with TTU!

1. Texas Tech-Opoly Board Game

2. Sporty K9 Texas Tech Red Raiders Reflective Dog Collar

3. Texas Tech University Keyboard Cover

4. Texas Tech Red Raiders Auto Sun Shade

5. Texas Tech University College Logo Duct Tape

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders Toy Puzzle Cube

7. Texas Tech Red Raiders Ceiling Fan Blade

8. Texas Tech University Edible Cake Image Topper

9. Texas Tech University Xbox One Controller Skin

10. Texas Tech Ice Trays & Candy Mold

11. Texas Tech University Shoes

12. Texas Tech Steering Wheel Cover

13. Texas Tech Tool Box

14. Texas Tech Desk Business Card Holder-Silver

15. Texas Tech Tri-Charge USB Cable

16. Texas Tech Football Ornament Wreath

17. Wreck’Em Tech Pillow

18. Red Raiders Watercolor State Print

19. Texas Love Shirt

20. Texas Tech Red Raiders Carry-On Bags

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