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20 Things You Need To Experience At ESU During Freshman Year

ESU is in a great area of PA and while there’s plenty to do on campus, there are so many places to trek to for fun adventures. From hiking near waterfalls, to skiing down slopes of the Poconos, there’s something for you! Here are 20 things you need to experience at ESU during your Freshman year!

1. Swim at Bushkill Falls.

Just 14.2 miles outside of campus, Bushkill is a great place for outdoorsy people and lovers of nature who want to bask in water that’s not inundated by chlorine. A quick weekend road trip to get off of campus, what screams POCONOS like a waterfall?  Okay, maybe mountains, but you get the point!


2. Visit Stony Acres!

A perfect hiking and camping site for ESU students, Stony Acres is perfect for an outdoors getaway, a fresh of breath air, and everything in between.

3. Visit an Alice in Wonderland like covered bridge.

They’re beautiful and very insta worthy.

4. Go skiing at one of the many Poconos resorts.


5. Snowboarding, too!

You live in the Poconos, why not?

6. Visit the antique shops on Main Street.

You never know what you might find!

7. Visit the outlets.

Just don’t spend all of your money!

8. Eat at Track Side.

Some of the best food in all of East Stroudsburg.


9. Get ice cream at Jimmys Gelato.

For after your delicious meal at Trackside.

10. Go to Springfest!

11. Take a freshman year course.

With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like. It should even help boost your GPA.

12. Go to a local church.

13. Visit the suites!

The nicest on-campus housing at ESU!


14. Go to homecoming!

You don’t want to miss your first ever homecoming!

See Also

15. Make new friends!

Freshman year is definitely the time to meet new people and make new groups of friends.


16. Rafting at Delaware Water Gap.

So much fun, just be careful!


17. Join a club/activity.

ESU has plenty to choose from!

18. Apply for study abroad!

Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you, especially study abroad.

19. Attend as many games and events as possible.

Enjoy all of the Warrior spirit!


20. Attend a festival!

Every year, there are ton of festivals that take place in the Poconos! Pick one and go!

What do you suggest doing Freshman year at ESU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source:
Naomi Ogbo

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