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20 Things To Do Before Move-in Day at West Virginia University

20 Things To Do Before Move-in Day at West Virginia University

20 Things To Do Before Move-in Day at West Virginia University

Move-in day can a joyous, long-awaited date that has been in your calendar for the past several months. However, it can also be stressful, and emotional at the same time. Hopefully by reading this and preparing ahead of time, whether a month before, or the day before, you can be better equipped for the hectic move-in day at West Virginia University.

1. Research!

It’s always good to know what you can and cannot bring to your dorm room while you’re packing. This just saves your RA’s breath in the long run. I wrote an article called, “19 Things NOT Allowed in WVU Dorms (and what to bring instead)” which you can check out here!



2. “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots…”

Make sure your meningitis and other required vaccinations are submitted to the University health center.




3. Check housing arrangements.

This means staying updated weekly about your financial aid, documents you may need, and etc. Everything has to be processed before you move in.



4. Shipping.

If you choose to ship your boxes, make sure that you arrive before they do so you can claim them. You can pick up mail in each building, and are typically located on the main floor/lobby area. If you are wanting to send packages to yourself, here is the link for your campus address.

5. Share your address!

Using the website given in tip #3, you can determine (using your room number), what your campus address will be. Give it out to family and friends! Getting mail in college is super fun.



6. Call your roommate!

This is crucial to a great relationship with your roomie! Share academic plans, your interests, and figure out who is bringing what. For example, my roommate purchased our microwave and refrigerator set, and I purchased the TV for our dorm room. It just made things a lot more convenient. If you can, meeting your roommate before move-in day is always a great idea.



7. Go through your old stuff.

While trying to decide what to bring in your room, you are offered an opportunity to donate, sell, or just throw away some stuff that you don’t wear or use anymore. The more you pack, the more work you have to do on move-in day.


8. Be a smart packer.

Those tank tops sure are cute! But do you really need them? If you are starting in the fall, and plan to come home for the Winter Holiday break, you only need to take what you need for the two seasons. You can take what you have home, and re-pack before you leave.



9. Get a hold of your move-in crew.

While you could try to move into your new dorms by yourself with a thousand other students, it may prove to be more tasking and difficult. Grab some family and friends, and you can cut the time it takes to move in down by a significant amount. I will also add that there are volunteers that help you move-in.



10. Pay attention to your valuables.

If you are taking your laptop, TV, electronics, or any other expensive items, it would be better to keep them with you on move-in day, and bring them out of the car last. If you prop your door open, and leave them there before anything else, you may come back on your second trip to find them missing.


11. Fragile items.

If you have several picture frames, or glass objects, wrap them in some t-shirts that you are bringing with you to college. This not only saves space, but keeps them protected. Still, proceed with caution.



12. Boxes or bags?

While I still don’t know which I will end up using, there is a conversation that has been started over moving with boxes versus trash bags. Here’s my two-cents. If you put your clothes, folded, in a box, they won’t be as wrinkled as they would be if you folded them and shoved them down into a trash bag. Boxes seem easier to carry than bags, but the bags fit more than a box, and that’s less trips you have to make. I’m still undecided.



13. Before you bring in your stuff, find out where your room is.

You wouldn’t think this would have to be a problem, but some people don’t visit their dorm room’s location at New Student Orientation. It’s easier to find your room without a heavy box/bag in your hands with a dozen people in the hall.


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14. Find your move in time.

Depending on when your NSO was determines what time you move in on move-in day. You cannot go before your set move-in time.



15. Insurance?

If you don’t already have insurance, WVU has a Student Insurance program. For me, it was going to cost $791 for the year! I already have insurance, so I got to cancel it. But regardless, you need it. You never know what could happen.



All of the ladies reading this just got super excited. It is time to make your Pinterest dreams come true! Get room essentials as wells as school supplies that you may find that you need ahead of time, although some classes will tell you what you need in the syllabus during the first week.



17. Book travel arrangements.

I live in Delaware, so my travel arrangements include booking a hotel room the day before I move in. If you live in California, however, you may have chosen to fly. It’s really hard to make travel plans a few days in advance. Remember, Morgantown is a college town. All of the hotels might be booked for move-in day.




18. Welcome week!

At WVU, we have Welcome Week, starting the day after move-in day (or the night of, for the party crowd). There are all kinds of events going on. Pick which events you are going to attend. Most places are giving out free food and Mountaineer swag throughout the week.



19. Have a going away party.

This is a great idea for those who have a really close-knit group of family and friends. Share some stories, eat some yummy food that you all enjoy, and just spend some last moments together before  move-in day and aren’t back until the first break.



20. Soak up your hometown.

Being from Delaware, it seems like everyone in my hometown is related, or is practically family. As much as I wished away my senior year of high school, I don’t think I am quite ready to leave Harrington, the Hub of Delaware. Before its time to move-in, visit your old stomping grounds, drive down your favorite streets, hang out with the local people, and eat at your favorite restaurants. Morgantown is going to become your new home, but don’t forget the one you came from. They are the ones that made you who you are today, after all.

What else should students do before Move-in Day? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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