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20 Things To Do Before Move In Day At SJU

20 Things To Do Before Move In Day At SJU

As summer comes to an end, move in day at St. John’s University is quickly approaching! Are you prepared? It is easy to forget some things, but don’t worry. Here are 20 things you should definitely do before move in day at SJU!

1. Make sure your tuition (or tuition payment plan) is ready to be paid!

I would say that this is definitely the most important thing to do! If you don’t pay, you can’t attend!

2. Craft some dorm decorations for your room!

Move in day at SJU is one of the most exciting days because you can decorate your room! Canvas, bulletin boards, and tapestries work great!


3. Connect with your future roommate!

Getting to know each other before move in day allows you to avoid that “getting to know you” awkwardness.

4. Make a budget for yourself!

No one likes being broke in college.

5. Go visit your favorite hometown places one last time.

There’s nothing like eating your last meal at your favorite restaurant.


6. Buy your textbooks!

Being prepared for your classes is important and if you fall behind, it’s so hard to catch up. Make sure you buy your textbooks at a discounted price! Look here for discounted textbooks for students!

7. Say goodbye to your high school friends until Thanksgiving.

It’s sad, but you’ll all see each other soon! And you can even FaceTime them when you are feeling down.

8. Go to orientation!

Get to know people who are in your major and classes. Who knows, you may even meet your new best friend,


9. Enjoy the last couple of weeks with your family.

It might be a while until you get to spend quality time with them again.

10. Go over the school guidelines and rules.

You don’t want to be one of the people getting in trouble the first week!

11. Go back-to-school shopping.

Buy all of your dorm room and class essentials. Sparkly notebooks = better grades, am I right?


12. Pack what you NEED, not what you think you may use one day.

Nothing is worse than over packing and hauling 600 t-shirts into your dorm room, only to ever wear a rotation of your favorite 10.

13. Manage your time and make a schedule.

Figure out where each of your classes are and what time you will need to wake up. This will help you in managing your social activities as well!

14. Do your summer reading!

At St. John’s, all incoming freshmen have an assigned book to read, so make sure you do! You never know what class it will be brought up in.

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15. Look up your professors on RateMyProfessor.

Understand what you’re getting into and what to expect. But also, take some reviews with a grain of salt… one person’s experience could be completely different from what you will have.



16. Go to the doctor.

Make sure you are in good condition for school! Getting sick at school is rough, so do everything you can to prevent it!

17. Make a resume.

You never know when the opportunity will arise and you will have to present one to someone!

18. Research Queens!

Look up all the late night spots and places to check out when you are still settling in!


19. Pack everything up!

Make sure it all fits in your car.

20. Relax and have fun!

This is a very exciting moment of life, and you will never have more fun than in college!

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