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20 Things Literally Everyone Does While Driving

20 Things Literally Everyone Does While Driving

We are all guilty of doing ten million different things while driving when we should be focused on the road, but we are a generation of multitaskers, right? Here are twenty things everyone does while behind the wheel. Don’t lie. You know you’re guilty.

1. Attempt to do your makeup (or fix your hair – guys this goes for you, too).

There is nothing worse than being stabbed in the eye by your favorite mascara or smearing your lipstick and end up looking like the Joker.

2. Snapchat

Sometimes driving presents the most perfect opportunity for a ridiculous snap. And car selfies, duh.


3. Text.

We like to think we are invincible, but c’mon we gotta stop doing this.


4. Talk on the phone.

Granted this is legal in some states, but it probably shouldn’t be.


5. Have your own dance party.

Don’t act like you don’t rock out when your favorite song comes on!

6. Flip through channels to find the perfect song.

Nope. Nope. Nope. YESS GIRL!!

7. Scream because there are commercials on every radio station.

It’s like they all gather together and plan it out. Ugh.


8. Experience road rage.

I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of this from time to time.

9. Size up the person next to you at the red light.

This “competition” has got nothing on you.

10. Pretend you’re in GTA.




11. Completely space out.

All of a sudden you’re pulling down your driveway and you have no idea how you got there.

12. Forget to use your turn signal.

Or just choose not to use it.


13. Hide from the cops.

Just kidding! You’re a good driver, so no need to, right?

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14. Belt out with the radio and wonder why you aren’t famous yet.

Move over Beyonce!


15. Play Punch-Buggy.

Sometimes you just can’t resist.

16. Adjust the AC up and down to try and find that perfect temperature.

Which you can never find, so you end up just rolling down the windows instead.

17. Go through the drive thru.

Because driving is no excuse to not eat.


18. Hold the wheel with your knees while eating your burger. (Priorities.)

Professional multitasker here!

19. Honk your horn out of frustration.

And only sometimes it’s for a good reason.

20. Scope out the cutie next to you.

Watch out for that stop sign though!

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