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20 Things I Learned as a JWU Freshman

20 Things I Learned as a JWU Freshman

Being a freshman isn't easy- no matter where you go. No matter which JWU campus you are attending, keep reading for 20 things I learned as a JWU freshman!

Being a freshman isn’t easy- no matter where you go. Take it from students who have been there before you. However, it’s all worth it in the end. I promise. No matter which JWU campus you are attending, there are certain things I learned as a freshman that pertain to all of them. Keep reading for 20 things I learned as a JWU freshman so you can be as aware as possible to all these important tips!

1. Be prepared for professors giving you your independence.

College is not like high school so be prepared. Professors aren’t like high school teachers they don’t like to repeat themselves and they won’t baby you. Some professors are really nice and will help in any way they can. Just be ready for them treating you like an adult.

2. Get excited, because this is going to be such an amazing time for you!

Get excited for college. College is the time in your life when you are finally getting some freedom. You are an adult now and that means that you have more responsibilities, but it also means that you are able to do a lot more than you used to. College is a really amazing time so get excited for it!

3. Try to get as involved as possible, you may regret it later if you don’t!

Get involved at your school. Join clubs and sports groups. It will be one of the best things you can do to get involved. You will make friends and our events and groups are actually fun! If you enjoy dance, we have a dance team. If you enjoy crafting and Pinterest, we have a Pinterest craft club. You name it we probably have a club for it!

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4. Do what you want to do.

Once again going back to you being an adult, you can do anything you want to do. Just make sure to be careful and don’t overdo it. You can take advantage of that freedom. We encourage you too, but just make sure that you are still in a good mindset while you take advantage of the freedom.

5. You may feel nervous now, but you’re going to love it.

College is a wonderful experience. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it. You are just getting into your new found freedom, making new friends, and sometimes you’re in a new place. Those are just a few of the best things about college.


6. Learn from your surroundings.

Think of starting college as the beginning of a new adventure. Learn about the places around you and learn what they are all about. Our campuses are all located in big cities. Explore! Have fun!

7. Be smart about the friends you choose to make.

Make sure to be smart about the people that you hang out with. Don’t get caught up with the wrong people. Some people will bring you down and others are there to push you to the highest points on Earth. Just make sure that you are being pushed up and not brought down.

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8. Be extra cautious about your academics, this should be your first priority.

Make sure you remember deadlines and remember that your grades are most important. Sometimes your grades can get you more scholarship money which will always in turn be better for you in the end. Student loans are a real thing!!

9. Don’t slack.

Slacking in college is not a good idea. Hello domino effect. You can’t slack in college like you can in high school. Professors look at you as an adult and they don’t baby you for a second. Forgetting to turn in papers or assignments can result in failing that class. They don’t do extensions.

10. Enjoy whatever city you are in.

New city, new you! Enjoy the city that you will be moving to. Walk down the streets and look at the incredible sights. Living in a new city is huge for some people. Take it from me, I moved to a big city after living in a very small town. I love both of the cities that I get the privilege to live in!

11. Fill out all the stuff you need to before school starts.

If you need to get student loans or any other kind of loans, make sure to fill them out before school starts! There is always a chance that you won’t be able to start classes if you wait too long! Make sure to always be on top of filling out the paperwork and loans that need to be filled out. Not getting loans?? That’s fine- just make sure to make a payment plan ahead of time!

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12. Don’t be scared to make friends or talk to people.

The people around you are most likely just as scared as you are to talk to everyone. Just take a chance and make friends. You don’t have to know everyone, but make sure that you do know a few people. If you make friends with people in your classes, it can help you out a lot.

13. College is for fun times, but not for stupid times.

Make sure not to go overboard with your new-found freedom. You are meant to have fun in college, but just make sure that you are still careful and don’t get put into the wrong situations. Always be aware of where you go and where you are!

14. Be cautious of who you attend college parties with.

This kind of goes back to being careful who you choose to be friends with. You can easily wind up in a really bad situation so be sure to go to parties with people you know are in the right crowds. There are people who make bad decisions just like the rest of us, but all the time.

15. Make sure that you love your major- it’s OK to change your major!

As I stated before, student loans are a real thing and college isn’t cheap. Make sure that you love what you are doing. You don’t want to have to be in college longer than you have to be and you don’t want to be racking up student loans.

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16. Time will fly by, so enjoy it while you can.

Time flies by so fast! I am already in my 3rd year of college and I feel like I should still be in my first year. It’s crazy how fast it’s going by. We all have to enjoy our time while we can. Next thing you know, we are going to be working in the real world!

17. Just remember college doesn’t come free.

College isn’t free. I have met a few people who seem to think it is. College costs a lot of money, be sure that you know what you want to do and be sure that you are happy with what you choose. College is a fun time yes, but really you don’t want to spend more time than you need to there.


18. Don’t judge people.

College is a time where a lot of people start to not care about what you look like or if you have the best clothes. College students are usually more focused on their classes and what they are going to do in the future. You don’t need to worry about what other people will think of you and please don’t judge others.

19. Stay focused.

College isn’t easy. If you don’t stay focused, your main goal can easily get away from you. Just worry about you and what you need to do to have a good future.

20. Be Yourself!

New school! Sometimes you will go to a school where no one has met you before which will work out for you because it means that no one knows about your past. You can become who you have always wanted to be.

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What are some other tips for JWU Freshman? Comment below and share this article with a friend!

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