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20 Things I Learned as a Georgia State Freshman

20 Things I Learned as a Georgia State Freshman

20 Things I Learned as a Georgia State Freshman

A new year at Georgia State University is quickly approaching. Your freshman year is both an exciting and intimidating one, why wouldn’t it be? Don’t worry, keep reading for 20 tips for freshmen at Georgia State. They’re sure to make your freshman year easier!

1. Bring your own laptop to school.

Because finding an empty computer in the library is next to impossible during peak hours.

2. Visit the student center for discounted tickets.

There are many different specially priced tickets for popular Atlanta attractions such as Atlanta Hawks games, the Georgia aquarium, Six Flags, SkyView, the zoo, and much more. And what college student doesn’t love discounts?!


3. If you need a quiet, distraction-free place to study on campus, head to the fifth floor of the library.

It’s dead silent there. Also, don’t be that freshman that talks loudly on the fifth floor.

4. If you ever get tired of Saxby’s in the library, try Ebrik located at Park Place!

It may not look like much on the outside, but once you get inside you’ll see that it’s a cute, cozy little coffee shop with the most welcoming staff.

5. Stay safe on campus.

This is an urban campus and GSU is a part of the city, not apart from the city, meaning some of the people you may encounter around campus are not students or faculty. At night, try to avoid walking alone. Safety escorts are also always available.


6. Take advantage of being in such a big city.

You are so close to many different fortune 500 companies and corporate headquarters. You could even walk or take a quick Marta ride to an internship from campus! Use this opportunity to gain experience from big name companies, which will benefit you so much in the long run. People in other cities travel all the way to Atlanta for work and internships, so consider yourself lucky that you’re already here!

7. Go to Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions!

Traditionally, the more difficult classes offer SI. It is so beneficial in getting extra help and the SI leaders sometimes even offer study guides or practice tests that you can’t get from class!

8. Be aware that the library plaza is insanely crowded and loud on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1.

Even if your class is right over in Sparks, Kell, or Langdale, it may take you awhile just to get there from maneuvering through the crowd of people.


9. Have your Panther ID ready at the library.

Due to various incidents that occurred in the library last semester, there’s a good chance you’ll have to show it to an officer there. It will feel like showing a bouncer your ID when trying to get into a bar.

10. Try out the free fitness classes at the rec center.

Cardio sculpt, Zumba, Pilates, ab blast, cycling, and more. You name it. Perfect way to destress and release endorphins…and even fend off the freshman 15!

11. Make use of the writing studio!

Take any of your papers there (by appointment) and the people who work there will edit them with you and provide valuable feedback. Their expert advice and insight could very well get you an A on that essay!


12. If for some reason your class schedule requires you to get from Petit to Aderhold in 10 minutes…haha good luck.

No but really, professors will sometimes be understanding of situations like this, regarding why you may be a minute or two late sometimes. Talk to them!

13. Speaking of talking to professors…don’t be shy of going to office hours!

Especially in lecture halls of 100-200 students, you’re just another face in the crowd. When your professor knows you, you can build connections and they can write you letters of recommendation for internships and/or grad schools. And you could end up doing better in the class when your professor knows you care.

14. Do not solely rely on the Panther shuttles to get you to class on time.

Arrival times are usually unpredictable…and on a rainy day? Forget about it. (Always keep a mini umbrella in your car or backpack!)

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15. Try a few of the restaurants on Broad Street!

In the mood for Korean food? There’s Blossom Tree. Like Mediterranean food? Anatolia’s and Ali Baba’s. Want to try Indian? Head to Naan Stop. There is so much culture within the many restaurants near Aderhold, which truly reflects the vibrant cultural diversity at Georgia State.

16. Do not use the elevator just to go up one floor if there are other people in the elevator.

Especially if you’re in Langdale, where the elevators are usually packed. Everyone will hate you.


17. Try to avoid the campus bookstore, if possible.

Textbooks there tend to be ridiculously expensive. Check out; it compares textbook prices for both purchase and rent from various websites for much cheaper. There is also a GSU book exchange Facebook group, where GSU students buy and sell textbooks!

18. Get involved on campus in any way you can!

Georgia State is primarily a commuter school. Some students just simply go to class and go home. Don’t be that student. Join student organizations, attend campus events, volunteer…whatever you want to do! This is also a great way to make new friends.

19. Visit University Career Services.

They provide resume reviews, mock interviewing, LinkedIn pictures, grad school planning, career counseling, and much more!


20. And lastly… immerse yourself in your city!

The city of Atlanta is truly one of a kind and you can never run out of things to do here. There are endless attractions, museums, music venues, festivals, parks, restaurants, and landmarks here. Take a chance to explore and be dazzled by this vibrant, striking city. Atlanta is yours to discover.


What are your tips for freshmen at Georgia State? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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