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20 Things Only Girls Understand

There are some things in this world that only girls understand. Here are just a few.

1. Crying with makeup on.

Only girls understand that when you cry with makeup on, sadness comes second.

2. Tangled hair.

Sometimes, we have to break our own brush for the sake of smooth hair.

3. Trying to itch your eyes with mascara on.

This is a big no-no. Once mascara is on, there’s no going back for itchy eyes.

4. Protecting your chest.

There’s always someone that reverts to the chest-slap.

5. Periods.

We can all relate to this monthly struggle.

6. Going to the beach during your period.

When your family wants to take a summer trip during your period, you just want to curl up in your towel and never come out.

7. Wearing a short dress and dropping something.

This is never a cute scenario.

8. Finding the right lighting to do your makeup in.

If only we could all live like Kim K.

9. When you can’t find something in your purse.

No matter the size of your bed, this happens more often than not.

10. The annoyance of shaving.

Having smooth legs comes at a high price.

11. Going through a breakup.

It’s never easy, but we all go through it.

12. Constantly trying to eat healthier.

Does this attempt ever end?

13. When someone has the same outfit on as you.

This is always a possibility, and it lurks everywhere we go.

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14. Wind.

Sometimes it works for us, other times against.

15. More wind.

Maybe most times it works against us.

16. When everyone has a boyfriend but you.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re the only single one out there. But hey, there’s always pizza.

17. When you accidentally open yoru camera and it’s in forward facing mode.

You honestly start to wonder if that’s what you look like.

18. When someone sees all your awkward selfies.

I meant to delete those.

19. Your boobs bouncing when you run.

This is most definitely something only girls will understand. Sports bras are a must.

20. When you’re shopping but nothing fits.

You look and you look, but nothing works.

Have anymore things that only girls understand? Comment below!

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Fatima Portilla

Fatima Portilla is a very creative and enthusiastic student. She is not different to you, she also has expectations, doubts, challenges, fears and exciting experiences to share. She grew up in Mexico City; she loves her culture and is proud of it. She is always finding new ways to use the internet as a way to express herself. Actually she has a YouTube channel called Fatima Portilla which, although it is in Spanish, it is very visual so it can be understood. She wants to become a great actress or film director and she is really excited about writing for SOCIETY19. She hopes you have a great time reading her articles!

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