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20 Things Every UO Student Should Know

Starting your freshman year of college can be scary and intimidating. Lucky for you, you are coming to the University of Oregon! It’s one of the most welcoming and accepting communities. To give you a head start on your journey, here are 20 things every UO student should know.

1. Everyone’s true colors come out during home games.

Football games bring out the inner competitor in everyone. Learn the chants and don’t be afraid to dress in crazy outfits. Always get to Autzen early and don’t bother driving! The walk is beautiful and you save $30 on parking.

2. 8 AM classes don’t seem bad now…

8 AM classes aren’t always avoidable, but as the year progresses, your sleep patterns get less consistent, thus making early classes difficult to get up for. Sleep is your best friend in college, give it lots of love.


I joined a club my first year and have been appointed an executive position for this upcoming year. It looks great on resumes and gives you amazing experience and insight into what your future occupation may be. Great way to make friends too.

4. Talk to advisers as often as possible.

Go in at least once a term to plan the next year so you can graduate on time and plan four-year graduation schedules. I will be able to graduate a year early due to my consistent communication with my advisers.


Even if the classes are boring and long, professors can be unpredictable and often give crucial information regarding tests and projects at random times. Missing that information for an extra hour of sleep can kill your chance at an A.

6. Look up profs on Rate My Professors before registering for classes.

I have dodged several bullets by doing this. Some classes are much more difficult with poor teachers; so get the education you deserve! Put in the extra research to ensure a great term!

7. Don’t bike on sidewalks. People will hate you.

It’s not safe or even allowed, so if you’re biking on campus, bike on the streets. Most of the campus doesn’t allow cars on the roads, so biking is safer.

8. Study in the EMU. Great atmosphere, great food.

There are countless spots perfect for studying and conveniently located in the middle of campus. It helps that there’s Subway, Starbucks, Chipotle… great study break spots.

9. Don’t be afraid to explore the levels at the Knight library.

There’s a quiet area, study rooms, printers and conference rooms. Suitable for all your study needs. And it’s huge, so explore and find “your” spot!

10. The duck store has good deals in the back.

There’s a clearance section in the back with amazing deals and items for anyone. REMEMBER it has three levels: book purchases and returns, apparel and gear, and school and art supplies.

11. Go to the Rec whenever possible. It’s amazing.

There’s a place for everyone. There are free classes offered every Friday and an abundance of weight rooms, treadmills, studios and a huge swimming pool (and hot tub).

12. Purchase rain boots.

Regardless of what people tell you, it does rain in Autzen.

13. Don’t go to Common Grounds past midnight on weekends.

Common Grounds Cafe is open until 2:00AM every night, but after midnight, it gets crazy crowded and they often run out of the best food (*cough* spinach dip).

14. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, go to as many games as possible.

I know nothing about sports, but had an incredible time at all the UO games. Guest performers and free apparel are often part of the event.

15. See a play!

Need a free date idea? The plays are always free with your student ID and are always AMAZING!

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16. Don’t be afraid to eat alone or go up and talk with strangers.

Freshman year is the year to meet forever friends. Go door to door in your hall and meet people! Everyone is as anxious to find friends, just like you, so make the first move.

17. UO is bigger than you think, leave early!

Don’t wait until 10:25 to leave GSH to get to your 10:30 class in Lillis. It is a big campus and takes longer than you think to get across campus.

18. Don’t wear black and orange together unless it’s Halloween.

OSU is a great school, but is a huge UO rival and unless you want a day full of dirty looks, opt for some green instead.

19. Office hours are available for a reason.

Professors hold office hours to help you! Getting to know your professor is one of the best ways to ensure a good grade in the class. Ask for help and get the scoop on future exams and assignments early.

20. Learn how to time manage.

Even though partying every weekend seems like “the thing to do,” if you have an exam the next week, stay in and study. There will always be parties and concerts, but only one chance to pass an important class. No one wants to retake calculus…. especially with the cost of tuition nowadays. Be smart and manage your time wisely.


We hope you love your time here at the University of Oregon! Have fun, work hard, and Go ducks!

Do you have any other ideas for what UO Students should know? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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