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20 Things Every UConn Student NEEDS To Do

20 Things Every UConn Student NEEDS To Do

20 Things Every UConn Student NEEDS To Do

1. Rock climb.

Did you know there’s a rock wall in the gym? If you go to rec registration, any UConn student can sign up for a climbing orientation course so you can rock climb or boulder whenever you want!

2. Sled on Horsebarn Hill.

Jump into this over-a-century long tradition of sledding down the famous Horsebarn Hill. But make sure your legs are ready, the walk up is pretty long!

3. Play inner tube water polo.

As part of the intramural program, students go head to head in intense games of water polo…with one catch…you have to stay in an inner tube! Grab your friends and get ready for some of the best fun in the intramural program.


4. Try out canoe battleship.

It’s real. Sign up with your friends for canoe battleship, where you compete with other UConn students to sink canoes while trying to protect your own!

5. Participate in Wallyball.

Ever curious about using the squash courts but don’t want to actually play squash? You can reserve a squash court for Wallyball, a game of volleyball in which you use the walls to bounce the ball off of! Scary, yet fun, Wallyball is a great way to bond with your friends.

6. Sunrise yoga on Horsebarn Hill.

At the end of every Spring semester, as well during Suicide Prevention Week in the Fall, Wellness and Prevention Services hosts a special session of Sunrise yoga on the beautiful Horsebarn Hill.


7. Ice skate (indoors and out)!

On the weekends, the ice arena on campus offers ice skating open hours and $5 ice skate rentals for any UConn student. Also, swan lake is so shallow that it often freezes completely in the winter – perfect for skating or even a fun game of ice hockey.

8. Check out open mic night.

Every Tuesday night at 7 pm, The Benton’s café, The Beanery, hosts an open mic night! Grab a coffee and listen to some awesome talent.

9. Go to a basketball game.

In basketball country, it’s pretty hard to miss a game…especially if you’re a UConn student. Cheer on the passionate men and women basketball teams with other loyal fans.


10. Experience an animal barn tour.

Did you know the barns on Horsebarn Hill offer tours? You can even roam around to pet the horses!

11. Enjoy Dairy Bar ice cream.

Don’t forget to end your tour of Horsebarn Hill, one of UConn’s oldest features, with some famous Dairy Bar ice cream!

12. Get a free massage & pet therapy.

Did you know that Wellness and Prevention Services has free message sessions and pet therapy available for any UConn student throughout the semester? Check the Daily Digest for special relaxation sessions.


13. Swing by Mirror Lake.

Chill out by Mirror lake and don’t forget to take a memorable picture on the swings!

14. Participate in a research study.

These may not be 100% fun, but so many departments on campus are looking for research participants, which will pay you some great money!

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15. Bar night.

Even if you’re not 21, the bars on campus have special 18+ nights where you can get in and have fun with your friends.

16. Explore nature.

Not too far from Storrs, is Mansfield Hallow, a park with a pond, hiking trails, and picnic tables.

17. Get a tattoo or piercing.

Did you know you can get a tattoo or piercing right in Storrs center? On your way, pic up some insomnia cookies!


18. Listen to some great Jazz music.

Jazz students play music every Thursday night at 7 pm at the Bookstore! Don’t forget to pick up a crepe at the Le Petite Marche Café!

19. Go caving.

If you are a member of the UConn Outing Club (UCOC), you can go caving, skiing, and so many other cool adventures for free! You don’t even have to be experienced! Check out UCOC and explore New England.

20. Picnic on Horsebarn Hill

Confession: most of the awesome things at UConn involve Horsebarn Hill. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome! Don’t let yourself graduate without grabbing a blanket, a guitar, some snacks, and a kite, to have an amazing, relaxing experience on Horsebarn Hill.

The fun NEVER stops at this list! There are so many amazing things that every UConn student NEEDS to do before they graduate – search the Daily Digest for other great ideas!
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