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20 Things Every UA Student Should Know

At The University of Alabama, there’s always a lot going on. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there’s always more to learn about our school. To make sure you stay on top everything, here are 20 things that every UA student should know!

1. Be a member of the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange.

This Facebook page is the place where every UA student on campus is able to connect and reach out to one another. Despite the title, this page is home for more content than just buying and selling tickets. Topics range from losing/ finding ACT cards, selling random items or even pets, to calling people out on social media! Things are so intense that the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Page has made it on to TFM twice, you clearly don’t want to be on the outside of this group.

2. Don’t dress up for class.

Roll out of bed, change from the big t-shirt you wore to bed into your other big t-shirt for the day and head to class. Everyone heads to class to learn and get attendance credit for being there. At Alabama, class is the farthest thing from a fashion show… And it’s awesome.

3. Parking tickets are a real thing.

If you’re a UA student, don’t be mistaken and think you can park on campus without a pass. Parking tickets at Alabama are very serious. Decide to leave your car in a random lot while you run an errand real quick? Be ready to come back to a parking ticket of at least $50.

4. Learn your Frat Row directions.

On a typical night out in T-Town, girls will stroll from one fraternity house to the next. Many get left behind and lost in this journey… By learning which frat is which, or even just a general understanding of who is where, finding and meeting up with friends will be much easier. You won’t have to wander down the row calling out your lost bff’s name! Definite bonus.


5. The line at the Starbucks at the Ferg.

Anyone on the Alabama campus knows exactly what this means. Constantly, the line runs out the door for Starbucks on campus. If you plan on getting your daily iced caramel macchiato before class, make sure to be there a good twenty minutes in advance if you want to be on time.


6. Hit the Riverwalk near campus if you need a nature release!

Ever need a break from school, work, and people in general? Take an hour to enjoy the Riverwalk right behind Presidential Village. Sit and enjoy the weather, jog with a view, or even whip out your homework and focus with a tranquil vibe. The Riverwalk is a definite need to know place in Tuscaloosa.


7. Get up and dress up for game day!

On Saturday mornings during football season, the entire city of Title Town wakes up with excitement for the game that day. Girls curl their hair, cake on their makeup, throw on their favorite red, black, or white dress and slide on her cowboy boots to go support their team. Guys throw on their Bama polos and favorite dress pants. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the pledges in their suits on the hot and humid game days!

8. The only decently good dining hall is Fresh Foods.

If you are a freshman being forced to use the Alabama dining plan, then just know before hand the best dining hall is Fresh Foods. The main point is to avoid Lakeside Dining, unless it’s Late Nights at Lakeside and you want some free pizza in the middle of the night. If that’s the case, it’s worth it.

9. Thursdays are actually Fridays.

Even if you have a class on Friday, you will still be treating Thursday like it is the start to your weekend. Thursday’s are great because they have the benefits of going out on a week night, like cheaper bar excursions, but also has the feeling of the weekend because it’s so close!

10. Get the Alabama App, it will help you more than you know.

The Alabama app has everything you will ever need and more as a UA student. Whether it is to see when buses are coming, where a certain building is, or even if laundry machines are taken in your building. The Alabama app will change and save your life.

11. Schedule an appointment with the SHC, unless you want to wait for hours.

Even with an appointment, plan to be at the Student Health Center for hours waiting to see a doctor. The SHC is constantly busy at all times of the day, every day of the week. Honestly, your best bet is going off campus to see a doctor if you don’t have an entire day to spend in the waiting room.

12. Old Rec vs. new Rec

The old Recreational Center is constantly overflowing with active Alabama students trying to get their daily workout in. If you want to not have to wait for a machine, head over to the new Recreational Center in the middle of Presidential Village. Another benefit: do cardio while watching guys play basketball.

13. Value your football tickets.

Every UA student needs to understand the importance of having a ticket to a football game. If you are blessed with the opportunity of attending a Bama football game, don’t pass that up! If you don’t want to be there, there are hundreds of other die hard fans that would love to be! Make sure to transfer your ticket to someone else if you plan on missing a game so you don’t get penalized. Yes, that’s how serious football is at Bama.

14. Pregame anything and everything.

You can’t head to a party with your friends without having your own party first! Before heading out for the night, afternoon, morning, whatever it may be, meet up with your friends and start the festivities early! Enjoy being surrounded by “your people” before spending the night socializing with new people!


15. Don’t ever fully rely on 348- RIDE.

If you are stranded and your only form of transportation is a 348-RIDE, make sure to find a back up. Although this campus transportation system comes in clutch, many times the driver is nowhere to be found or takes longer than expected to arrive. Use it with caution!

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16. Rounder’s is the place to be!

Headed to the strip on the weekend? You can’t miss the ridiculously long line stretched all the way down the street to the corner. Once anxious partiers gain entry into their favorite bar they are able to let loose and de-stress! Whether they head to the Boom-Boom Room, Rooftop, or enjoy the live music when they walk in, Rounders has it all. No wonder it’s one of the most popular bars in town!

17. No night can end without Messy Fries.

Quick Grill, the little shack on the strip, opens for all those hungry, midnight eaters that leave the bars. You can’t end the night right unless you stop by and pick up some messy fries. It will be the best decision you make that night. Trust me.

18. Big T-shirts are a must.

If you don’t have a collection of Large or XL shirts, get on that now. Whether it is going to class, running errands, hitting the gym, or even going out for the night, UA students wear big t-shirts all the time and are almost always appropriate.



One of the only off campus restaurants that takes dining dollars, Buffalo Phil’s is constantly filled with hungry college kids grubbing out. You already paid for dining dollars and are required to use them. What better place to use up those dining dollars than eating some fried food in an awesome atmosphere.

20. Know the Fight Song, Sweet Home Alabama, and Dixieland Delight by heart.

The songs that will become your national anthems for the four year of your life while attending the University of Alabama, memorize every word of these songs and sing/ scream them with pride and joy. You’re a UA student, act like it.


What else should every UA student know? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Alana Doyle

Originally from the west coast, but currently residing in the heart of the South, Alana Doyle is a PR student at The University of Alabama. When not binge eating mac and cheese, watching dog/kid/old people videos, and attempting to become a gym addict, she is out traveling the South and attending as many music festivals and concerts as humanly possible. However, the college budget makes this limited, along with a college wardrobe, so she normally sticks to big t-shirts and shorts. It's all okay with her though, as she is still a (self-proclaimed) Cards Against Humanity champ.

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