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20 Things Every Temple Student Should Know

Do you think that you could just walk onto campus and go on with your life away at school? Maybe, but there is an easier way…Here are a FEW details you might want to know about. Whether you are an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or just a current student who wants to be aware as possible, you will like what you read. Keep reading for 20 things every Temple student should know!

1. Temple is extremely spread apart.

Walking from building to building has you losing your breath. It is especially bad in the winter. Brace yourselves!


2. If you ever want to get studying done, do not sit on the first floor of the library.

On normal campuses if someone speaks in the library, they would get kicked out. The library is usually loud from 11 am-3 pm for lunch and socializing. There are places you can study on the 2nd or 3rd floor and maybe even the basement, but I do not recommend the 1st floor of the library.

3. Do not eat any of the meals on Temple campus before an exam.

The food here makes you extremely tired, and it is not even Thanksgiving. I suggest having small snacks instead.

4. If the professor does not show up to class within 15 minutes, you are probably allowed to leave.

Make sure you won’t get in trouble though.

5. It’s best to think of other “out-the-box” places to study during midterms/finals week.

They are ALWAYS crowded. Don’t even think about the Tech Center or the library at this time. You can go extremely early to study there, but who wakes up that early? (haha.)


6. It would be smart to bring a sweater to class during the summer or wear a short sleeved shirt during the winter.

Either you have hypothermia or you die in a pool of sweat, pick your choice.

7. You need to be aware of the $4.20 Blaze pizza on 4/20 and $3.14 Blaze pizza on 3/14.

Because who doesn’t like pizza?

8. Keep an eye out on a random Red Bull or Monster car.



9. Do not, I REPEAT, do not mess with the squirrels.


10. Hooter the Owl is a sweetheart!

Say hi if you ever get the chance to. He’s friendly unlike some animals we know (refer to tip 9).

11. Do not sign up for 8 AMs.

It is not the same as waking up during high school, it is a whole ‘nother ball game. If you think you can handle it, by any means go for it.

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12. You can find numerous parking sports early in the morning.

13. Bring sturdy umbrellas when it’s raining.

I have lost a total of 3 umbrellas.

14. Richie’s has the best breakfast!

You definitely won’t regret it. Just make sure you call to order before it gets packed. Here’s their number! (215) 765-2656.

15. The best time to get mugged is at night, walk with people you trust.

16. Expose yourself to the clubs and extra-curriculars around the campus.

You will surely find a place where you belong.


17. If you wear cherry red on Fridays, you might get lucky and get free stuff.

18. You always get free stuff every now and then on campus.

Especially food!

19. The tech center has a place that fixes laptop issues.

For free!

20. People are always available to help you throughout your college career.

Asking for help is always a plus.

What are some other things that every Temple student should know? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Sofia Thomson

Sofia was born and raised in Philadelphia. She's a rising senior at Temple, majoring in psychology on a pre-PT track. The first love of her life is food as it has never failed to lift her up. The second love(s) of her life are definitely her friends. She's a huge Korean drama fanatic and could sit there and watch it for days...except of course when she's hungry again. She likes to draw, but words are how she likes to express herself the best. Her experience at Temple has been anything but cliché and she's still learning a lot about herself and the world around her, and she wants to use her words to share that experience with others.

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